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  1. I promise I havent thrown your camera cable away:rolleyes:
  2. must be a man thing not throwing stuff out incase one day we may be able to use something out of it. I have the same thing here which is why I clear out when he's at work thrown away three printers this week that haven't worked in years. And cables??? does anyone else have a whole box full of cables that they don't know what it connects too? they will be thrown next week if he don't sort them out.
  3. Nix sleeps in our room with us babe and we don't have a problem but then Nix has no seperation problems at all. Problem is if you take him into your room with you you may make his anxiety worse when you have to leave him alone during the day coz he'll be even more attached.
  4. Lovely idea I'd like to release one for my Jack as he'll have been gone 11 months come camp (pack of 50 sky lanterns on ebay for £22)
  5. I got two pictures of orbs when we went in Feb but I think it was just dust as we were on the back staircase that was being plastered. good night tho
  6. I'll let them know @valkyries and see what they have coming up
  7. So sorry for your loss she was amazing so glad we got to meet her at camp this year. Sleep well nikkita lurve from both of us and Our Nikita
  8. I met a guy the other day who runs a dog hotel and day care service and owns three huskys if I ever have to go back to work thats where i want to work lol. good luck with it Jos
  9. would some swimming/hydrotherapy help him at all? I only ask as the lady I foster for had a dog in that had become paralized and the hydrotherapy has really helped her
  10. Best of luck marc whitchurch isn't that far from us. Note to self ... must pay more attention to h-o forum
  11. Seen as @Marc has been nice enough to let me advertise (bless you chuckles) heres the website http://www.sixthsensepi.org/
  12. think they have Margam castle planned for september time thats closer to you
  13. @valkyries I'm not far from @Tallulah so could drop her off to save the postage???
  14. i always try and get pics but i only ever get dust lol
  15. Come along for the night theres usually somebody to hide behind, Ive just tried the link and it worked but if you add me on facebook ill be able to get you to the link there dont want @Marc to shout at me for advertising other website:whistling:
  16. Sorry @Sarah I forgot to get back to you on this one lol its in wrexham north wales
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