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  1. DAY VISIT ONLY (3 DOGS) Beki, Mike + 1 dog (saturday only) Carolyne, Phil + Sarah NIKI AND CHEMO OUR FOSTER DOG TOO (Sunday only) Tracey (plus another) + 2 kids + 2 dogs julie and mark 3 dogs saturday /3 dogs sunday
  2. Me Phil Sarah and Nix plus a foster dog are gonna try and come up on the sunday
  3. 10 min gaps, 3000 posts, 1 month, I need a calculator????
  4. I dont work either all I do is walk Niki and the foster dogs. Clearly I dont spend enough time on here though. Ill be getting a report card from @Sarah saying must try harder. lol
  5. Ive been here months an not posted 400 yet
  6. * off to sulk in the corner coz we cant come now *
  7. of course. doesn't everybody?
  8. Im going to have to cancel coming to camp:( sorry all, something have come up that I really need to give my attention. Gutted we wont be there but we WILL be at the april camp. Hope you all have a great time xxx
  9. Looking forward to it Yay:yahoo:. Ill be cheering Button on Sunday morning lol
  10. Well done @Marc Donation already sent and great pics @Sarah and video
  11. so sorry for your losses yesterday xxx
  12. try this it will tell you what psychological problems you have * runs and hides* http://www.4degreez.com/misc/personality_disorder_test.mv
  13. Not happy either like we dont give sky enough money every month as it is. somebody find bernie so we can slap him
  14. ohhhh sneeky! i like it. may have to try that with some of the dogs we get in, none of them enjoy having a cone put on
  15. well mine was just depressing. lol
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