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  1. I know you guys and can moved mountains when you need too so I'm after a little sharing and retweeting help.... ban the sale of animals on gumtree, Ebay did and Gumtree are owned by Ebay #GumtreeAnimalBan (plz retweet) Thats what we need retweeting on twitter (I'm nikitashuman on Twitter) Please share If this saves one animal its worth writing. Just over 13 hours ago a staffie boy was rehomed via Gumtree. Today he has been found dead with "suspected" fighting injuries. Lets get the sale of animals baned on Gumtree. Please copy and paste this and lets get #GumtreeAnimalBan trending. Please tweet. RIP Jenson And thats what we need sharing on facebook (link for facebook on signature) I will be very grateful for any help. Thanks in advance all xxx
  2. did zena every get out of the post office and back home or is she still MIA?
  3. oh now thats just showing off lol, And whos this MOE? not even one of my own
  4. I beg you pardon but I have paid. 21 Jul 2011 Payment To Marc Stridgen Completed Details Payment To Marc Stridgen 1EH6709443858010G -£5.00 £0.00 -£5.00 GBP I shall wait patiently for my flowers and chocolates as way of an apology.
  5. Husky....0 (not surprised) Nikita Husky.....0 (still no big surprise, few of wolf nikita tho) Nikita Borrowdale Husky....0 (huh) Husky Nikita..... 0 (oh come on) Nikita (extra space) Husky....0 (Starting to sulk now) Husky Nikita Husky.....0 (wheres my bloody camera, I need to take more pics)
  6. can't answer this coz Nix is a rescue but Alfie looks like our Nix lol
  7. oooh i have the how smart is your dog thingmajig. Bought it for our Jack coz bless his socks he was a bright little spark. Haven't tried it on Nikki yet but will do. Hubby says its a good job shes preety coz shes not very smart, I say shes smart enough to act dull so nobody asks her to do anything to complicated (bit like me really)
  8. just watched you vid hun. think it was Wizadora who said on facebook that the growl is just a warning and that all that vid looks like to me to be honest. If you think shes been taken from what she has known all her life and then met somebody (you) whos taken her out of that situation, introduced her to an established pack, an new enviroment and told her your about to change everything shes know all her life and show her a different way to do things. thats bloody scarey for a human who understands whats going on never mind a dog who has no idea why this is happening or what shes done to make this happen to her. I really would be amazed if she doesnt settle in a few days. Long walks, all treated the same, patience and understanding. Don't panic hun you'll be fine. xxx Tan J P is right too sometimes you just have to let them all fight it out amoungst themselves.
  9. With regards to a person attacking me think Nix would just "woooooo wooooo wooooo" at them but don't want to test the theory mind you i'm probably more scarey than Nix. Having said that I have a stroppy terrier in foster at the moment and whilst being groomed yesterday he decided he'd had enough and tried his best to bite my hand twice. I then discovered huskies can fly! who knew? she pinned said stroppy terrier to the sofa then chased him out the back door. So she would protect me in that instance. In all honesty I'd perfere she didn't protect me, that why she stands no chance of getting herself hurt, and it's my job to protect her not the other way round.
  10. I don't know but I'm pretty sure I haven't upset her yet??? Maybe I should apologize just in case?
  11. Note to self *Be nice to valkyries*
  12. what a shame. You'll have to try again at the april one the weather was good last april
  13. just checked the weather its suppose to be heavy rain all day tomorrow grrrr
  14. oh no hope your joking were off there tomorrow
  15. Glad there was no blood split. we had the same food aggression problem with Nikki when we first got her and its taken months to get it out of her. Good luck with it we used to seperate them to feed them then slowly work towards getting them in opposite ends of the same room if thats any help to you
  16. oh shes pretty I've got a Bernese mountain dog with a infection where his balls used to be in foster at the moment:confused:
  17. always found bribery to work well but I wont spoil your rebellion. We all need to rebel a little lol
  18. I promise not to tell them tomorrow when I get to camp... providing you bribe me with alcohol of course:evil:
  19. Gorgeous pack never seen a pure thats black and tan before
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