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  1. You can also bid on a gravy painting by Digby and Nala
  2. Little Louie isn't a husky but he needs our help. Please have a look at the facebook group, then dig down the back of the sofa for that pound that fell out of your pocket last week. Every penny will help towards this sight saving operation. https://www.facebook.com/groups/littlelouiesbigop/ Me and Louie thank you in advance xxx
  3. Me Phil and the hounds are planning on a lunchtime ish arrival (helpful that eh?)
  4. snap and my camping gear has turned up Yay
  5. Hubbys boss has only today confirmed his holidays after months of nagging GRRRR. You think you've got things to panic about? I'm still hoping they have a pitch left and I get can everything I need in 16 days.
  6. will be there in spirit but can't get there and niki doesn't howl but hope theres enough of you there to make them smile on a very hard day xxx
  7. thanks all. tried ebay the keycut shop wont help and she wants to stick to her brass discs ... dont think i'll be able to get better than she already does actually
  8. Where I can get 200 engraved dog tags for under £60. The lady I rescue for has set me a challenge. That's what she pays at the moment for her tags and she asked if I'd be able to find them cheaper anywhere.
  9. Nix dug up one of my rose bushes twice but hasnt dug since
  10. happy new year everyone hope 2012 is the best year yet for you all
  11. My dad had one too babe and she was lovely, but this started with a rottie being advertised free on gumtree
  12. Xmas drinks for you all MERRY CRIMBO XXX
  13. your a wonderful person BingBlaze'n'Skyla thank you hunnie bee
  14. has just discovered if ya click the red hashtag bit up there^^^ it'll take ya straight to it and you can retweet from there clever huh? three mouse click and your done
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