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  1. Well Im happy with a three way split first time Nikita has won (ish) lol. Voted too
  2. Louies Check Up: The vet was very happy, Louie is not in huge amounts of pain anymore, the pressures a good, the now has the same chance as any other dog of developing Glucoma, he won't have to lose his eyes and his long distance vision is good. His close vision is a little impaired by the opaquing but he does have more vision than he had when he came to us. He is still on eye drops and probably will be for at least 6 months but is no longer on pain meds. The vet said she could see a change in his body language and he seemed far more confident than he did before. He has another check up in two months time and Glenys will let me know how he is getting on then. Louie then went to see his new family. He walked into their bungalow and demolished some food that was down for the other two collies they have. He went and explored his new home even if though one of the collies growled at him. He then went out into his new garden and orchard and explored that off the lead and came straight back when called. He then wandered in to the hen house had a good sniff then wandered out again. Glenys says he looked very relaxed and happy to stay there and his new people were very happy to finally have him. I printed all his good luck messages for him to take to his new home and also a copy for Glenys (good job really as she said she would like to read them too). There has been tears shed from a few people today for him but he is going to have a great life with his new family so no more tears.
  3. Lol Keep up with the fluff:p (as if)I suppose i better say hello to you too. Hello Darling Little Cousin. They are a great bunch of folk here and full of useful advice and the odd micky taking . Fingers crossed for your homecheck xxx Lurves ya xxx P.S. get that tent bought for camp next year xxx
  4. great pics have stolen the Niki pics. I had to check what Brian was doing with the finger too
  5. wasn't the artwork at the top of the doors? Doesn't the tow bar go at the bottom? How the hell did he manage it? glad he gave you the money back
  6. More news... Louie has found his furever home too. Not sure when he will be leaving us but on the way back from his check up on Monday hes off to meet his new mum (hes already met his new dad)
  7. Little Louie is Home! He had a scan this morning and the operation was a success unfortunately whilst he was on his own last night he managed to get his cone off and rub his one of his eyes, which then bleed into the socket. He has three lots of eye drops plus tablets and the pain killer we were already giving him. He will be on these eye drops for the next six month (at least). The vision should slowly improve over the next month but he will always have the opaque spots on his eyes. We now have to keep an eye on the pressure is his eyes and the bleeding (hopefully there wont be a pressure build up or anymore bleeding) keep him steady and calm before he goes back on Monday for a check up. Glenys was stunned at the money you have all donated and is very grateful. She had no idea I was doing any fundraising for her and was going to pay for the operation out of her own money due to some people saying she shouldn't be spending so much on one dog. So a big THANKYOU from Glenys. I'm off to have cuddles with Louie now because he's feeling very sorry for himself at the moment. we raised £850 in total
  8. Louie has had his operation today. He has had his eye pressures checked twice this afternoon and they seem normal. He is staying at the vets overnight so that they can check him in the morning. I'll update again in the morning when Glenys has spoken to the surgeon.
  9. Nikita after winning prettiest bitch at camp lol
  10. I have an amazing friend who is offering tarot readings for your pet at £10 each and donating the whole £10 to Little Louies Big Op Please see his facebook page for more info https://www.facebook.com/groups/littlelouiesbigop/
  11. we have raised just over £700 at the moment with one cheque in the post and the auction for Digby and Nalas gravy paintings still going
  12. oh blimey I thought the whole world was on facebook apart from my dad. This is the blurb on his page: Louie is a 4 1/2 month old Collie who has just come into Glenys Bufton's animal Rescue. He is my latest foster dog. Lou ie has a large overbite but his biggest problem and the reason he needs your help is his eyes. The first vet he saw said he needs to be put to sleep as he was blind. However, thanks to Glenys, Louie has seen an eye specialist in Leominster who has confirmed that he has some vision in both eyes. The lenses in his eyes have moved and touched the pupil making the eyes opaque. One of the lenses has moved back into place for now. If the lenses move again he may lose his eyes completely. Louie is on pain medication and two different eye drops every day which is costing approximately £50 a month. Next week Louie is facing a huge operation to try and give him as much vision as possible for as long as possible. This operation is costing approximately £3000. I understand we are all struggling financially at the moment but could you spare £1 to help this little boy keep his sight? This is how to make a donation: To make a donation via paypal please send to Littlelouiesbigop@yahoo.co.uk Mark as "gift" so I don't get charged when I pass the donation to Glenys. You can also send a cheque. Please make cheques payable to Glenys Bufton. Pm Admin (Carolyne Finlow Borrowdale or Phil Borrowdale) for address. There are also gravy Painting by the very talented Digby and Nala that you can place a bid on they are currently upto £30
  13. Has noticed there is one or two that haven't shared Louies page or made a donation. Don't make me get Sarah bullying you all
  14. We had a great day yesterday but donations are slow today. If you cant donate please share the page. I have contacted Mars today the makers of Chappie dog food to see if they are willing to make a donation towards his op. paws crossed
  15. Don't worry mydiamond Louie will appreciate the hugs just as much (if not more)
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