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  1. We are booked!!!!!!! So Happy. Can't wait. Now Dunc you will need to be on best behavior please as this is my baby girls first husky camp!
  2. Username & Name Nikitashuman ...Caz and Phil Number of Adults 2 Number of Children 1 Number of Huskies 3
  3. Snap on the Mr Frosty. I finally got one for Xmas when I was 23 along with an apology letter from Father Christmas for my awful parents neglecting to buy me one.
  4. Awww. Well done all of you he looks a lovely lad. Look forward to meeting him at camp
  5. I do when I can remember the password
  6. See what you were saying about me and Nikita. She's not normally camera shy lol
  7. Good to meet you, with the exception of you trying to steal Simba of course xxx
  8. Thanks for doing the dog show always nice to come home with a ribbon
  9. Number of adults 2 Number of kids 0 Number of dogs 2 Tent or Caravan Caravan (Static) Booked / Yet to book / Maybe Booked Weekend Only / All week All Week
  10. in need of a name change now too
  11. I beg to differ lol although My merlyns planning on winning in May Pics to follow
  12. would love to be able to buy it of you Chris but can't tow it at the mo hun. (1.3 engine and no tow bar) Sorry. xxx
  13. stop at ours if you need a coffee on the way home chick. excited for you cuz xxx
  14. Blimey thats the first time I've seen that. Niki has had hers over a year now and chewed part of it but its still strong.
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