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  1. Good luck Sid I have some Nicquitin Minis (the mint things) going free to a good home if you want them babe. there the medium and low strenght, Bought them for hubby but thats lasted all of an hour
  2. Bless her. we have a foster dog in at the moment thats exactly the same. Shes a lab collie cross who's ten months old and on sunday was bouncing around with all the other dogs at husky camp 4 days after her op. Shes been wanting to play from the day after the op tho. I haven't had the cone on her coz she's been pretty good at leaving the stitches alone. We have given her plenty of chew toys all of which are now dead of course and some huge dog chews. Hope she heals quickly xxx She looks very much like my nikita
  3. Me too louise. Hubby gets to keep his pocket money too which he handed me last night, bless i don't give him much. Once she's better tho she is going to get her bum kicked for digging up my brand new rose bush and chewing the lady bug house
  4. oh thats just cool well done dave.
  5. No better way of checking the bum is working i guess lol
  6. poor skyla. she'll put those boys in their place tho much the same as we do when were in season lol
  7. Big smiles Home from the vets. He thinks shes badly bruised the nerves in her tail, he's given her a long acting anti inflammatory and says the tail should be a happy tail in four to six weeks if its not then he'll investigate further,. He poked her in the bum and the bum hole is all working so that beautiful fluffy tail will not be being chopped off any time soon. Thanks for all the husky lurve and paws crossed xxx
  8. good to meet you all on sunday. What did he do to your tent?
  9. Got an appointment at 09:45 (lurve my vet) xxx
  10. Its my default setting Sarah ... expect the worst, hope for the best. Our old dog Jack had a tiny lump on his leg and within a minute I'd gone from "Oh a lump" to "he's gonna have to have it amputated" Turned out to be a spot
  11. Will do Diz and thanks Rachel.
  12. Don't hug me I'll cry I'm holding it together at the moment Thanks tho xxx
  13. She was playing with Molly took off into the air and landed on her hip and tail. Legs and hips all seem okay but the tail is not a happy tail at all. She can still arch it to go to the toilet but it hasn't wagged or raised since she landed.
  14. I think Nikita may have broken her tail Please keep your paws crossed I can get her into the vets today, praying they don't say she has to have that beautiful fluffy tail amputated Ill keep you updated xxx
  15. i use it ... nikitas link is on the bottom of my signiture
  16. Depends whos got the treats for Niki... shes with me more but listens to and walks better for Phil
  17. well done Saffi. can't have been Niki we were only there for a day
  18. was good to meet you and saff too. Phils got me looking at tents for october
  19. theres a few more on Facebook. Had a really good day well worth the drive
  20. Our pics from the day at Camp, Thank you to everyone for making us feel so welcomed, Both dogs now crashed out and shattered xxx
  21. looking forward to seeing you all tomorrow but just remember Im shy so Ill be the one lurking in the background somewhere with a husky lol
  22. Nikita's just finished a 6 week course at puppy prep school further education. Cost me £36 for 1 hour every Thursday night for 6 weeks. She now completely trained and obedient (yeah right). It helped with socializing a little but we do a fair bit of that as it is and she didn't really learn anything new that we weren't already teaching her at home. Her confidence is getting there but I think thats to do with her finding her place in our family and all the foster dogs we have in and new ppl she's been meeting too (we only got her xmas week). The women who runs it wants me to go back for another 6 week session but all shes really interested in is getting them to pass the kennel club good citizen awards, and although i can see they are good awards it wasn't really what i was after at all. I spoke to the women at lengh on the phone before i signed up for it and she never mentioned the kennel club awards. All in all I wasn't impressed and the only advise I could possibly give is maybe sit in on a session before signing up to it (wish i had)
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