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  1. Name the pin-up celebrity who appeared on a provocative poster for PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) in 2010, with her body marked as if for cuts of meat? Who bought Channel 5 TV in the UK, resisting objections that his pornography interests made him unsuitable? Whose painting 'Nude, Green Leaves and Bust' (French title: Nu au Plateau de Sculpteur) sold for a world record (for art work at auction) $106.5m at Christies, New York, in May 2010?
  2. Do we have a date yet for the Camp in October? Yes i know i'm impatient but I need to get hubby to book the days off
  3. I can't enter this one either Stacey, Nikita wont get her feet wet never mind muddy
  4. he's adorable bet your so excited
  5. Jos your Photos are the best Photos we have of Nikita thank you so much for making the journey to camp and taking all these photos Time to start the "get Jos to October Camp fund" i think
  6. we'll be there although Phil is still determined that we'll be camping not caravaning (plenty of time to work on him tho)
  7. Looks like they enjoyed their day. Great pics Think I have the only Husky that doesnt like water
  8. oh your poor dog. Hope the bet can sort her out for you. Think Nikita is getting a little movement back in her tail YAY
  9. I've got the Julius K9 too (got mine from their ebay shop link below http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/Julius-K9-speaking-power-dog-harness-size-1-black-/300521626153?pt=UK_Pet_Supplies_Dogs&hash=item45f87c1a29#ht_3621wt_905
  10. brilliant photos and gorgeous dog.
  11. get them to travel to camp to see you Mrs aggie
  12. Were interested don't mind where it is if its for a week we don't mind traveling
  13. thanks all. she is at the moment crashed in the garden after a full day of playing with Molly. She doesn't seem worried at all
  14. If you want them babe Pm me your address and Ill get them in the post for you
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