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  1. As the title says.... phils thinking of getting a beardie, we're on a reptile forum and getting some good advice before we jump in at the deep end just wondered if any of our husky friends had them too?
  2. Have tried to book this morning but had to leave a message but we will be there and in a tent Grrrr
  3. girls wouldn't be interested ??? Ill have you know im a girl who built a train set with her Dad in the garage and had it suspended from the ceiling of the garage for years.
  4. havent uploaded the pics onto the pc yet and do you know what i didnt get pics of her on the beach.... we were on the beach for an hour and a half every morning and every morning i forgot to take the camera or phone with me
  5. Morning all, Just back from holiday had a great time and more importantly so did Nikita. She has grown in confidence no end during the week even when we had people to visit us for the day, people stay over night and when we decided we'd stay an extra night at a friends house she never batted an eyelid. She walked into the friends house without having to be dragged or lifted over the threshold walked straight into the garden found an old toy from a dog that lived there a while back and decided playing in the garden was the thing to do. Really proud of her this week. Site looks good now i've managed to get onto it, thanks Sarah, Off to try and catch up on a weeks worth of threads and book a pitch for the october camp.
  6. 1. Bears (All of them) 2. Big Cats (All of them) 3. Sharks. 4. British Garden Birds (All of them expect those flippen starlings) 5. struggled to pick a Fifth can I just say anything cute and fluffy
  7. welcome to the pack shes just stunning
  8. I foster for our local rescue and have had allsorts of breeds in from a 4 month old collie terrier cross that could walk under my husky and still leave a gap to collies that are bigger than her, both sexes and all ages and shes got on well with them all. She does prefer the smaller dogs bigger dogs intimidate her a little coz she can be timid. I think Maybe leave it up to your husky to decide which one she likes when your at the rescue, she'll soon let you know who she wants to be friends with
  9. My old dog used to bury his treats in my bed along with things he'd managed to steal like a defrosting rolled pork joint I had forgot to stick out of his way before i nipped out for 30 mins. He'd lay on my step daughters bed liking all the stuffing out then buried the bit of pork he hadn't managed to finish under my pillow. Two lots of bedding to wash and nothing for tea.
  10. Glad to hear your girls coming home xxx
  11. sounds like fun looking forward to the pics
  12. Glad to hear shes on the mend hope the vet lets you bring her home tomorrow, youll both feel better when shes home
  13. 1. When your husky disobeys you, how does he do it? i.e. talks back, runs away, turns a deaf ear, won't look you in the eye etc. Completely ignores me 2. What commands/tricks does your husky understand? Stop, sit, lie down, stand, this way, No, show me the belly, kisses, 3. Where is your husky's favorite place to be scratched? Belly 4. Does your husky always pull the leash/lead? (when you walk, run, bike etc.) Not always she pulls for the first mile with me usually but walks better for Phil 5. Does your husky play fetch and bring back the item more than once if you throw it? Shes only just figuring out this game 6. Does your husky have any major/minor health issues? Sensitive tummy and some dry flaky skin but nothing major 7. Is there anything that your husky does that totally drives you up a wall and annoys you? Digs up my rose bush, always the same one too 8. What is your husky's favorite way to get exercise? She lurves bouncing around with the foster dogs, likes to play in the park on the 100ft lead, likes her walks so I don't think she really minds 9. Does your husky have a comfort place, or toy, or person etc? She likes to lie and the bottom of the stairs, toys are for killing and it she'll curl up in between us on the sofa but I usually get the head end 10. What is the strangest/naughtiest/worst thing your husky has done? She bullied a couple of our foster dogs but I think she was just trying to figure out her place, shes dug crators in my lawn and keeps digging up my rose bush thats planted in memory of my grandad. In general though she's not a naughty dog. 11. In a safe but limitless place, can your husky be trusted off leash? (Am asking because I've seen pictures of huskies off leash of leash on this) Nikitas just discovering her confidence she was very timid when we rescued her so we could let her off and she would stay by our side, now however she will run but comes back coz she gets treats for coming back. Shes still a little wary of people but other dogs she just wants to play with so depending on the place she can be trusted 12. How does your husky show you that he loves you? (This one is important to me because I can't tell if Smokey shows me affection without me knowing) We get kisses, she lies at our feet, she sits between us on the sofa for a cuddle
  14. hoping your girl gets better and you don't have to make that decision.
  15. Phil bought one of those the other week but we haven't tried Niki with the bags yet just the harness part of it. The bags seem heavy to me even when empty I'm not keen gotta be honest but I guess its if Niki likes them or not
  16. opps missed this post Congratulations chris
  17. so sorry to read this xxx
  18. isnt it great when they start learning to play? She's a lovely pup
  19. Rotties, Boxers and Phils would be GSD's although we had a Bull Mastiff in foster and we have one of those too
  20. Feel for you Paranormal wolf hope you find a solution quickly
  21. Ouch mend hope your mended soon
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