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  1. well done you i want a paw print too for the dog we lost in november
  2. i was thinking the same thing last night and tried to find the blog of all her tour but couldn't anybody have a link to it ???
  3. God luck hun you've done loads of practice so you'll pass without any worries
  4. Dog is now home safe and sound thank you for shareing. the person who had found him had decided to keep him coz he was so lurvley until she felt guilty after seeing him plastered all over the internet
  5. I know its not a husky but please crosspost for my friend xxx http://www.doglost.co.uk/dog_blog.php?dogId=30342
  6. 01:30 Sunday morning and I'm having to take Nikita to the emergency vet. She was sick Thursday afternoon, had diarrhea Friday afternoon and early Saturday morning but seemed fine after that right up till 23:00 when she suddenly started throwing up everywhere and yet more diarrhea. Then she couldn't settle and was prowling all the time and crying like she was in pain. Darling dog had managed to find herself a chicken bone from somewhere Thursday morning that I'd had to wrestle off her and had completely forgotten about until Saturday morning so when the mass up chuck started Saturday night panic mode was engaged. So after a phone call to the emergency line and dragging my poor vet out of his social life it turns out she has managed to get herself a dose of salmonella. 3 times in 6 months this dog has had me panicking and off to the vets 2 off those times at silly o'clock. Think I took my last dog to the vet 3 times in 10 years lol. Shes had a stop throwing up on mummys carpets injection and in 20 mins I have the fun of trying to shove an antibiotic down her throat. Soon as that done im hiding under the quilt till the grand prix starts:cry1:
  7. If there is a thread I want to place an order too did ask on the gallery of the old forum
  8. my foster dogs have those and they all lurve them
  9. Niki has never killed thank god I'm such a softy (cried all the way home when i ran over a squirrel, home was 5 mile away). She likes to chase pigeons but don't know that she'd know what to do if she caught one
  10. I'd be doing the same I'm afraid Hence bringing the fish tank with water and fish back from holiday
  11. so just back from a week in norfolk and were already thinking about next years holiday (husky camps aside that it) Thinking of maybe going to Ireland. Being in Mid Wales we can get the ferry to Dublin which is about An hour an half I think better for Niki (first trip on a ferry) than Rosslare which is 4 ish hours. So my question would be have you been to Ireland and where did you go what did you do etc etc?
  12. or we could agree its not nice getting stung and the bugger usually dies when you stamp on it for stinging you lol
  13. A honey bee that is away from the hive foraging for nectar or pollen will rarely sting, except when stepped on or roughly handled. Honey bees will actively seek out and sting when they perceive the hive to be threatened, often being alerted to this by the release of attack pheromones (below). Although it is widely believed that a worker honey bee can sting only once, this is a partial misconception: although the stinger is in fact barbed so that it lodges in the victim's skin, tearing loose from the bee's abdomen and leading to its death in minutes, this only happens if the skin of the victim is sufficiently thick, such as a mammal's. The bee's sting is speculated to have evolved for inter-bee combat between members of different hives, and the barbs serve to improve penetration of the chitinous plates of another insect's exoskeleton. When bees sting elastic-skinned mammals, the barbs become a hazard to the bees as described above. Honey bees are the only hymenoptera with a strongly barbed sting, though yellow jackets and some other wasps have small barbs. The sting's injection of apitoxin into the victim is accompanied by the release of alarm pheromones, a process which is accelerated if the bee is fatally injured. Release of alarm pheromones near a hive or swarm may attract other bees to the location, where they will likewise exhibit defensive behaviors until there is no longer a threat, typically because the victim has either fled or been killed. (Note: A true swarm is not hostile; it has deserted its hive and has no comb or young to defend.) These pheromones do not dissipate or wash off quickly, and if their target enters water, bees will resume their attack as soon as it leaves the water. The larger drone bees, the males, do not have stings. The female worker bees are the only ones that can sting, and their stinger is a modified ovipositor. The queen bee has a smooth stinger and can, if need be, sting skin-bearing creatures multiple times, but the queen does not leave the hive under normal conditions. Her sting is not for defense of the hive; she only uses it for dispatching rival queens, ideally before they can finish pupating. Queen breeders who handle multiple queens and have the queen odor on their hands are sometimes stung by a queen. The main component of bee venom responsible for pain in vertebrates is the toxin melittin; histamine and other biogenic amines may also contribute to pain and itching.[1] In one of the medical uses ofhoney bee products, apitherapy, bee venom has been used to treat arthritis and other painful conditions. I can see a mass debate starting here
  14. Oh James it gets worse .... honey bees can sting more than once sorry. the only time they will loose there sting is if they sting a think skinned animal
  15. Niki was watching a bee gathering necter the other day but jumped back when it flew out of the flower. she's such a wimp
  16. Just to be awkward if something stings you and looses its sting it more likely to be a wasp. Most bee's in the uk are honey bees and wont sting unless they have to but don't loose there sting even when they do. hope shes okay tho Nix
  17. easily done lol. I just spent a week in norfolk and the first thing i did was check the site
  18. Ah our nikita is curious about the tropical fish tank we adopted whilst on holiday so she'll probably be curious about the beardie too. Kita is pretty and welcome to the pack (spotted you only joined last weeek)
  19. Voted... surprised big D wasn't in there after his walk on the beach at husky camp
  20. I considered the middle field when I called yesterday as I really would like elec (want some home comforts if Phils forcing me to sleep in a tent) but we'd also prefere to be with the rest of you. Anyone else going on the middle field?
  21. Thanks for that Dave ive had a look at the website and found them on facebook. I really wasn't keen on breeding bugs. Good to know I have husky friends with beardies, do they get on well with the huskies?
  22. aww bless. probably be phils birthday (june) when we get one doing as much research as poss first
  23. helpful as always ... do they deliver in the winter too coz the one i looked at said they wont deliver in the winter and i should breed bug myself ... never gonna happen
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