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  1. We are so sad, got Een at 5 weeks old and we lost him 10 years later. He was the best loyal and wonderful companion with a beautiful personality. He was fine in the morning, had to search the property to find him in the evening as he was not in the house. He was lying in the rain without enough energy to get up. Diagnosed with a ruptured spleen due to a tumor at the hospital. Nothing we could do for him. Truly a difficult goodbye to such a gracious and kind companion. He will be dearly missed.
  2. Thanks for the time spent researching this, it is sincerely appreciated. Between us and our Vet we have Googled all avenues. We had Een on long term antibiotics, with no effect. Right now he is completely off dog food, no gluten. The condition seems to have improved, but it is back. if we put him on Prednisone, the condition heals fast, but he becomes lethargic, drinks a lot of water and cannot control his urine. Those are unfortunately side effects. The raw diet may be an option, I would have to research how to prepare that. Thanks I am in North Carolina. Appreciat
  3. He is on zinc supplements, three tablets of Zinpro a day, made no difference. This has been going on for about 6 months now.
  4. No similar experience anyone? No replies, does that mean I am the only one with a Husky getting raw skin above and on the sides of his eyes? Picture attached below shows the problem is back, so I will have to put him back on the steroid resulting in urine problems and a loss of energy.
  5. Thanks for replying. If you Google “Husky eye problems” the pictures show exactly what my boy has. I unfortunately don’t have pictures as we had him healed with the steroid, but took him off due to the side effects. It seems to be coming back, just starting, so a picture now won’t show the problem. We have tried all the remedies related to Zinc shortage researched by both us and the Vet with no success. This started while we were renting a house, while building new. During the year it took he only went out with me to walk and potty, so he could not have gotten into something. We thought
  6. My Sib is 8 years old and he has developed problems with skin above the eyes getting infected. We have tried everything, kibble, cooked chicken and rice with veggies, sometimes fish and medication. Also Zinpro zinc supplements. He roams free on two acres and can come and go into the house as he wishes through a doggie door. The only thing which helps is the steroid Prednisone, which has side effects. He has been in and out of the Vet several times, with no other solution so far. Any experience or help will be appreciated.
  7. I let Een off leash when we walk in the woods, but he is always with his step-sis, who has excellent recall and she is a Lab-mix. He comes running back as fast as he can though when I call, but I guess only because he knows there is a little snack as a reward each time. I use to train my dogs extremely well, almost as in the video below, but that was a long time ago. Don't have the time now and also became soft. My experience with Een though is that he is very trainable, should I invest in the time and effort to do it. sfLu5TGPvOc
  8. There was no plan here, had a Lab mix, love of your life. Went to Walmart with wifey for groceries and as we came to the car, there was a pickup truck parked close-by with 5 Husky pups. Out of curiousity we went to look. Wifey picked up Een, 5 weeks old and fell in love. I asked the breeder if he had papers and he produced all the goods, plus a 2 month health gaurantee. When I asked him how much, he said $350. My wife thought I was joking when I walked back to the ATM to get the cash, and we purchased Een right there. Nine months later, he is the love of our life. Guess, I can say I bau
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