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  1. Both my two do obedience and they have beautiful heels in class, but it doesnt always translate to walks. I guess because obedience is boring to them, and I am the most exciting thing there so they focus on me, on a walk there is so many other sights and smells that are more interesting than me lol I am getting there though, i can have them walking nicely on our usual walk around the neighbourhood, but somewhere new or from the car to the dog park...forget it
  2. At the dog parks i go to, about 90% of the dogs there ignore their owners in the park. Mine included. If i didn't take them (and I'm sure their are many others on the site) to the park they would never get the opportunity to run around and play with other dogs and so that is the risk I take.
  3. I know a few husky owners that let there dog off for obedience and agility etc but wouldn't let them off any other times
  4. I only let mine off in enclosed dog parks...we are lucky to have alot around here.
  5. Heres a few pics of me me and a friend .35.jpg] me and my partner daniel meee
  6. i was googling something about huskies and came across a member recommending the site to someone...so i clicked the link and had a look!
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