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  1. I can't believe she's already nine years old. She still acts like a puppy for the most part, though she's slowed down a little and isn't as destructive as she was from 12 weeks to around 5 years. Yes, that's her play growl. People unfamiliar with her think she's being aggressive but she obeys me well (last 30 seconds or so.) It's just play. SarahPlaytime20191012_Clip.mp4
  2. I took pics from my go-to training book, The Power of Positive Dog Training by Pat Miller, about your issue. Hope this’ll help. Make sure Jasmine has a safe place in the house to which she can retreat when she’s overwhelmed. Both of you sound overwhelmed and you have to break that cycle. Let her relax in her safe space while you figure out her triggers If you’re committed to helping Jasmine overcome her problem you two can do it!
  3. <url=“https://positively.com/contributors/5-things-i-want-anyone-with-a-fearful-dog-to-know/“> Fearful Dogs</url> Maybe this article will help you.
  4. I hadn’t thought about crating for evacuating but it’s a great idea. Sarah has been crate trained since four months and it’s just normal now. I lived in Sacramento for the 1988 fire season and well recall that particular nightmare. That was the year Sacramento almost burned to the ground. I don’t miss that. Stay safe!
  5. So glad it was nothing major! I came up with a dog-healthy birthday muffin recipe if you want it (assuming he’s wearing that birthday hat for himself.)
  6. Thanks! Yeah I’m freaked out a little by that idea. I haven’t looked to see how many mast cells exist in the brain, mostly because I’m afraid of the answer. I’m holding on to the facts that we found the mastocyoma very early and cytology confirmed that there were three clean cell layers below the mastocyoma tumor when it was excised. Fingers crossed for lipoma!!! Thanks again. 😁
  7. Are you certain she’s fearful? Sometimes body language can be vague. Nipping at others sounds more like very minor aggression or status games to me. As long as she’s healthy I agree that a professional behaviorist’s opinion will help. Just make sure the behaviorist is familiar with Siberians as their normal body language and behavior is different than most other breeds’. For example, Sarah snarls when playing. She sounds like a trained attack dog getting ready to work and is easily mistaken by others as dangerous but it’s normal play behavior for her and other Siberians I’ve met.
  8. Hi— Having never heard of CCD I went to PetMD to check it out. In case anyone else is interested, it’s https://m.petmd.com/dog/conditions/neurological/5-signs-dog-dementia?page=1. Sarah is a bit younger than the article indicates but I’m going to talk to her vet about it Monday. I haven’t seen any of the DISHA symptoms other than her constant need to challenge me but the symptoms are on my Sarah Watch List. When your dog had it what were your first symptoms? Thinking about it, Sarah knows her commands and when I’m keeping on with the “I am the source of ALL good things and you
  9. This image is from the AKC Siberian Husky page. Your dog is a pup and the coat isn't fully developed. According to the breed standard once fully developed, the guard hair should be approximately 3" and the undercoat approximately 1". Longer hair on the back of the hind legs and tail is possible but is outside the breed standard. My Sarah has the longer tail and leg hair though she is AKC registered (non-breeding registry.) It's a result of the extremely close genetic relationship to Malamutes. If you're interested, the AKC breed standard is here. ETA: It's hard for me to d
  10. That looks a LOT like a ZRD flare-up. When Sarah's ZRD starts up the first symptoms are swelling and crusty residue on the swollen skin (that's the secondary yeast infection setting up.) The rule for Benadryl is 1mg/lb of weight. I use that while waiting for my vet to call in a prednisone prescription. Alas, ZRD is an exclusionary diagnosis but you should have your vet begin the testing. Diet and zinc supplements help a lot but you don't want to start that until you know your dog needs it.
  11. Hi-- Oh Lord, that sounds awful. How did your vet diagnose senility? Siberians have a 16-year average lifespan IIRC so I figure she's about middle age for her breed. I hope she isn't old enough yet for senility to be a possibility. I think I'd prefer jerk dog syndrome to that. Thanks though! Something else to talk to the vet about Monday.
  12. Obedience training will help and as Bloo gets older she'll calm somewhat, but what you saw was prey drive. Any animal approximately half her size will be viewed as prey and if she has the opportunity she'll act on it. It's innate behavior. My Sarah hates other dogs. When we're out I know that I have to keep her away from other animals just in case. It's constant vigilance but worth it. Spaying will help, training will help ,age will help, but ultimately Bloo will still have a strong prey drive that you'll have to be conscious of at all times. It's part and parcel of being a Sibe owne
  13. My almost 9 year old Siberian has killed and eaten literally dozens of animals. If given a chance she would go after a kitten in a heartbeat. She's also obedience trained, regularly goes with me into Lowe's and other stores that allow dogs and according to my vet, is the best Siberian in the state in terms of behavior. What you're seeing isn't aggression. It's innate behavior you will NOT be able to train out of your dog. When the breed was being developed by the Chukchi tribe in far eastern Russia, the dogs were released during the summer to fend for themselves. Any dog that co
  14. Hi Folks! It's been a long time so I'll reintroduce the facts so those I don't know can chip in. My AKC Siberian Sarah is 8½ years old (9 in September.) I've had her since she was 12 weeks old and have obedience trained her as well as I can given her nature. She has ZRD and was treated for mastocyoma in early 2017. She tends to challenge me after our kids and grandkids have left after visiting and it takes a week or two of light dominance games to settle her down. I know she does this and was prepared when everyone left at the beginning of April. It's been dominance games ever
  15. If you aren't certain what she's been eating, and given that she ate and kept it down afterward, I'd suspect something she scrounged or was given caused her vomiting. Assuming, of course, she isn't running a fever, etc. Make sure she isn't carrying drug-resistant worms, and enforce strict rules about what and when she's fed. Sarah suffered a bout of pancreatitis due to our giving her pig ears too often as treats. She's sensitive to too much fat in her diet. Once we ditched the high-fat treats, the pancreatitis abated and she returned to normal. ETA: regarding respiratory rate, I'd as
  16. Hi Everyone-- The surgery is over and the pathology report came back this morning. It was a Stage 2 Low Grade mastocyoma. Pathology says the excised tissue had 2.5 cms of clear surface tissue surrounding the lesion, and clear cell depth of 9 cells subcutaneously. Hence, the entire lesion was removed and shows no signs of metastasizing. There's no guarantee that a single cell hasn't migrated to a lymph node and will eventually show up but there's nothing we can do about that. Knowing me well, Dr. Strom told me that the pathologist included a study indicating the mean life span of dogs
  17. Thank you Nix and Maz. Surgery is day after tomorrow and I'm already severely stressed out. Plus, while my vets do a lot of pathology in-house, they send cancerous tissue to a specialist, which means it will be at least several days before I know how bad it is. Trying to stay positive. Dr. Strom is such a great vet. He's returned two calls from me regarding whether or not additional procedures eg thoracic studies, should be included.
  18. elenamarie


    We built a 5.5 foot tall fence out of anti-climb horse gauge mesh, with 9' posts concreted at 8' intervals. Yes it's expensive but it's the best way to protect Sarah from other animals coming in and her getting out. I've never tried wireless fencing but I'm almost positive it wouldn't work for Sarah. She's hunted, killed and eaten at least 25 rabbits over the past three years and that is the only item she will not give me without a "trade" of other meat for the dead/partially eaten rabbit. She's gone as far as snarling at me over it. If I didn't have that fence, she would race acro
  19. Thank you Jo, Emma, Robke and BBava. I'll update with histopathology results ASAP. I hope others read this and pay attention while combing out the undercoat. I'd hate for anyone else to go through what Sarah is going through, and will go through soon.
  20. Thank you so much Andy. Dr. Strom estimated Stage 2 for the surgical estimate but we're both hoping it's Stage 1. I haven't been this frazzled since my daughter hemorrhaged following a tonsillectomy at age 17. It's the only thing I can recall worse than this, and that's because my daughter had blood pouring out of her mouth while I blew out my engine getting to the ER at 2 am.
  21. Sarah has been diagnosed with ZRD. While she has some small patches on her muzzle it's mostly around her eyes. When this issue popped up I started a thread on it with photos and the like. If you're interested, it's at
  22. Many people would protest my tactic but it's worked for 6.5 years. The one command for which Sarah ALWAYS receives a treat is the Come command. The few times she's gotten away from me, I call COME and she immediately returns because she knows she'll be rewarded. Of course I have to have treats in my pocket any time we're out and about but I'm okay with that. ETA: Everyone else is correct, do everything you can to ensure your dogs don't escape. But sometimes stuff happens.
  23. Hi Everyone-- It's been a while since I last visited. Sarah is six and a half now. Two days ago I came across a small, raised, solid, discolored bump on her right rear flank while back-combing her to get her undercoat out. After determining that the bump was solid, symmetrical and seriously discolored I called our vet, Dr. Strom. He had an opening two hours later and we were there. After taking samples of the lump and examining the cells microscopically, he diagnosed her with mastocyoma (mast cell tumor.) She goes into surgery Thursday, the earliest he could get her in. She ha
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