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    We (my husband and daughter) have two purebred Siberian Husky Dogs. Aura is 4 years old and used to be very challenging, but now is an amazing running and life partner. She listens mostly and will be aloof sometimes. Kodi is one year old and is very big boy- 70lbs already (his dad was big) and he is strong, loves to pull and run. He is a submissive dog overall with LOTS of energy. We take both on walks, hikes, runs and even dog scootering.. mostly one at a time as they will pull more together than separate. We have long term plans to get a kick sled for the winter. We have a large backyard with a 6 foot fence and have a kiddie pool for our LO and dogs. Kodi loves to swim and will go to the beach, Aura prefers to just get her feet wet.
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    hiking, running, cross country skiing, snowshoeing
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