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  1. She definitely cut her nose. Quite a few times however the scabs may not be a result of the cut nose. Looking at some photos I can see some crusting of the skin. Will have to wait for the results - zinc deficiency would be easy to resolve. An immune problem is very bad. And I’m not sure how long she would survive and she isn’t even 2. And to have a serious problem like that after just losing Flash to cancer would be very harsh. Also these poor doggies don’t deserve this. All they do is give love and loyalty.
  2. Over the last several weeks Poppy had been digging and poking her nose into the ground and anywhere else and she started getting cuts all over her nose; as it was healing the skin then started peeling where her nose (which is pink) met her fur at the top. This got worse and she kept scratching her nose everyday pretty much; so it was always bleeding somewhere. So we took her to the vet; the vet said it could be nothing just a result of her having a sensitive nose or it could be an autoimmune response where her body is attacking the pigmentation (or something like that) and so they to
  3. I have noticed it: - When she is sitting on my lap. She gets up and looks at her left leg like it is bothering her. This is not always but enough that I have noticed it. I am not so concerned about this because she is a big doggy now and doesn't fit on my lap so squashing her left left probably would cause some discomfort. - I have noticed it also when she has gotten up from sleeping twice and she has a few muscle spasms and her leg kicked out after coming to say hello (like your doggy does when they have been asleep and just woke up and have come to see you. Again i
  4. Poppy loves to jump on anything she can find; her balls, her toys and unfortunately other dogs. She will take off and try and land on some dogs; and when she doesn’t do that she is clearly very bossy. She will sniff the other dogs and then put her paws over them - which makes them go crazy most of the time - understandably. Due to the pandemic she hasn’t been around other dogs much; but during the summer this meant that either she got along with the other dogs or it turned into a fight (not a serious one as I pulled her away). I can’t figure out if this is her trying to dom
  5. My mum took her to the vet today. He gave her a thorough check (although not being allowed inside the vet means you can’t be sure) but going on what the vet says he said she is perfectly fine and there are no issues. He said it might be (paraphrasing my mother) some kind of epilepsy in that area and he was going to discuss it with a specialist but he couldn’t find anything wrong.
  6. She doesn’t show any discomfort or any favouritism to a particular side. And it doesn’t happen regularly- only occasionally but as I said I don’t recall seeing it happen to my previous Doggy so that’s why it caught my eye. Of course if your not looking for something you probably don’t see it.
  7. I noticed this morning that Poppy’s left leg spasms while she was standing up and she kicked out and looked at her leg. I noticed this happen a couple of times as well about a month ago. I haven’t seen it since. Is this something to get checked? I don’t remember seeing it happen ever with Flash before. Thanks.
  8. She isn’t having them regular. I have only seen it once when standing up and her sitting on my lap I can understand.
  9. I am not sure what I could take pics of? She has been fine since I posted that in terms of eating. I haven’t tried pressing hard on that area as I can’t say I want to hurt her! I do have another question. She likes to come sit on my lap if I sit on the floor cross-legged. And I have noticed that her legs seems to bother her when she gets off. I tend to think this is simply because her leg is squashed between my legs and thats all it is - pins and needles or just a bit painful because it isn’t a position that she would normally sit in. But obviously I want to be sure she doesn’t have
  10. The blood test and urine came back fine - no issues - and she started eating and acting normally again. I imagine it was some kind of infection which the other vet would have probably given her antibiotics for that would have made her feel better quicker. The only mystery is the sore area between her legs on her tummy (where the man bits would be on a boy dog) we don’t know the cause of that. I don’t know if a pulled muscle or possibly bruising from something might be the cause of that? She is always getting a bit over excited and slipping on the floors in the house (even though
  11. I have to say I wish the other vet was there as this vet isn’t the most helpful. Blood test came back very good so no issues there but she has too much protein in her urine. The vet said its probably an infection of some kind but they sent the urine to a lab to see what kind. She mentioned something about pancreas infections and that they are common and said she won’t give anti-biotics until she knows what the problem is. In terms of behaviour she is happily going for walks and fully alert but she is settling down quite happily to sleep after and she doesn’t seem to want any food aga
  12. As an update she ate her dinner and had a good drink a couple hours after coming back from the vet which I take to be maybe due to the painkiller and anti-sickness injections she was given.
  13. I don’t know if anyone has any ideas here of what is going on. Poppy is about 18 months old now. We took her to the vet and they are going to do any urine test tomorrow morning. But looking for some ideas. At the end of last week on Friday she was very not energetic and didn’t eat much or drink. On Saturday she was a lot better and playing and jumping around but still wasn’t eating or drinking much. On Sunday the same and today as well. She is jumping about playing wanting to go for walks etc and doesn’t mind some treats but seems to not want to eat her normal food.
  14. No she is acting normal. She has a bit of an infection in her lady parts after her first heat so had some antibiotics finished last week; and she has always just looked like she wants to fall asleep sitting up lol until she hears something then gets super excited and jumps around!
  15. My new doggy, Poppy closes her eyes lots; she is 11 months old now and she just seems to whenever nothing much is happening close her eyes. kind of like she is feeling sleepy. I don’t remember Flash doing that before and so I wanted to check if anyone else has any idea what this is about. Maybe she is just sleepy! But she does it sitting up most of the time and not lying down. When she hears something she will open her eyes. Thanks!
  16. I noticed this morning that my new puppy fell over for no apparent reason when greeting my mum. She was asleep and woke up and went over to say hi and fell over. It was only once. But as I couldn’t see any reason for it (she wasn’t jumping or running and she was on carpet so I don’t see how she could have slipped). I know when we play in the garden and she is running she has been slipping and falling over but I put that down to wet grass and her being super excited. I guess the question here is can your dog fall over randomly for no apparent reason without it being a reason
  17. Just got our little pup last night. And I’ve noticed that when she lies down to rest her little chest seems to be going up and down fast. She seems to be breathing fast and her heart beat feels fast. However she looks perfectly relaxed and isn’t acting in anyway to make me think there is anything wrong. But Flash was already 10 months when we got him and a big doggy and she is 2 months and little still.
  18. What is the situation with periods and dogs? not that I want to come across as gross or anything... lol Thanks
  19. I’ve spotted some puppies on the pets4home site. Any opinions on the site? What differences are there between a boy and a girl dog in terms of everyday life? Do you think it’s too soon to get another dog after Flash passing (love you Flash) on Monday? Thanks.
  20. First of all sorry if I badly titled this thread, I am extremely upset as today my Flash passed. I can’t imagine him not being there when I go home now and when the time is right if I can bring myself to do it I would like another doggy. I want to call him/her Flash Junior - just because we neutered him and it breaks my heart that such a good well natured dog wouldn’t have puppies and be a daddy. I want to make sure if we get another dog we honour him appropriately. Flash was a huskamute, white with grey on his back and tail and two blue eyes; I definitely think having had
  21. Spinstorm


    Flash has been a part of the family for almost 10 years; today his last day he was 9 years old, 10 months and 1 day. He was the most calm, sweet, friendly dog who would love nothing more than to say hello to new people and make friends. Unfortunately he got kidney cancer and despite surviving the odds after 6 more months his body gave up on him. He was very stubborn too - and the vet thought the only reason he was still with us was because he was a real fighter. I am sure like everyone here who has lost a friend I will miss him so much. I wasn’t with him at the end - I was
  22. Flash has a seizure this morning and was crying. I wasn’t there myself due to working but my mum had the nurses come and he passed away shortly after. The vet said his whole body was shutting down. I am heartbroken as you can all imagine and relate but I feel even worse for my mum who was there when it happened. He was such a good boy and last night when I left for work I gave him a kiss on the nose and told him he was the best boy ever. I didn’t know that would be the last time I see him.
  23. Thanks for the links. I was hoping someone here was like be able to share some experiences with you their doggie who had the same problem. Because it’s just so difficult to know how long he will survive. If he is going to get really unwell and maybe start suffering something clearly we don’t want. But equally I don’t believe in putting a dog to sleep as a kind thing to do (not trying to start an argument here) just it seems that we are on an inevitable train to disaster. And I think what everyone wants is that their family member will pass asleep one night and not suffer.
  24. Hey all, first of all sorry if this is the wrong part of the forum to post in. I haven't been on here in a very long time probably many, many years. My Husky Malamute called Flash is almost 10 years old. Until March this year he was a super chilled but stubborn doggy. He had torn both his cruciate ligaments about a year apart from each other so had several months of recovering from that and of course that meant some arthritis as he has gotten older and definitely difficulty moving around but he still wanted to play and go out etc; then at the end of March he stopped eating, dri
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