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  1. I don’t know how best to express this - I’ve included a photo - but since Poppy recently blew her coat her stomach area between her legs looks a bit pink. Maybe it’s just their is less fur and when it thickens up I won’t notice it but I’m not sure. it doesn’t look sore. It isn’t bothering her which is why I think it’s just the fact she has less fur down there but I’m not sure. Any thoughts?
  2. Thank you for those links. I’ll check them out. I suggested to the vet steroid ointment/cream as that is what I read online. He agreed to try it - he said essentially that it’s just her nose and so he would never suggest full steroids but cream was fine as it’s localised. It’s been about two weeks and I have to say her nose looks a lot better. It is still very sore at the tip and but the skin isn’t crusting and coming off and the underside of her nose has totally healed. It’s pink but looks the same kind of pink as the photo I put up originally. Over the previous month it was bright pink and looked sore. Now it looks more or less normal. In herself she is looking a lot happier although she doesn’t really enjoy the 10 minutes of no licking twice a day!
  3. Under her nostrils is definitely starting to get sore and peel now and she seems to be snorting occasionally. Probably because it’s sore. I think it will be a visit to the vet on Monday but I imagine they will suggest antibiotics and vitamin. Although probably what she needs is steroids and I believe that this is probably autoimmune. I don’t think it’s a bad case. It’s just focusing on her nose. But will have to see what the vet says next week. Any suggestions on anything that I can do to make under her nostrils more comfortable?
  4. She has been having zinc for about 2 weeks now and her nose does look better than it does but I’m not sure it’s down to the zinc. I visited a different vet just to see what they thought on Tuesday and they said give the zinc another week to two weeks before they move onto the next possible treatment. She said that they are starting with zinc, then move to antibiotics and vitamin A/E to rule out the next possible cause before moving to steroids if it’s immune. I saw the biopsy report and it basically says they aren’t sure what it is - and that the vet should work through the treatments. The vet says that they need to try each treatment for a few weeks to see if it fixes the problem and therefore they know the cause. Whilst this makes sense in the meantime if it’s an immune issue her nose is going to get worse and worse. That is something I’m not happy about. Whilst the condition of her nose has improved slightly it still isn’t right and it seems to be spreading to under her nostril now which has skin drying up. I’m sure that will not be comfortable to her. The second opinion vet did say she thinks it’s autoimmune but the symptoms are exactly the same for zinc, skin problems caused by bacteria and for immune.
  5. I’m feeling frustrated with this. The biopsies didn’t show anything, and a eye specialist was called in to check her eyes as apparently they can see if there are signs on autoimmune in the eyes. And that was clear as well. So the vet suggested we give her zinc supplements and she has been having those for 3 days but her nose doesn’t look good. There is definitely loss of pigmentation down the sides and there is also now a tiny spot/boil at the top of her nose. It is very small but it’s there. In herself she is fine. She is not acting like there is any issue but this vet doesn’t really seem to know what is going on. I really wonder if a second opinion would be good. Right now where we are is that the vet said leave her for a few weeks give her the supplements and see how it develops but personally I think there is something else going on whether it’s autoimmune or something else and that zinc and sun cream won’t fix it.
  6. She definitely cut her nose. Quite a few times however the scabs may not be a result of the cut nose. Looking at some photos I can see some crusting of the skin. Will have to wait for the results - zinc deficiency would be easy to resolve. An immune problem is very bad. And I’m not sure how long she would survive and she isn’t even 2. And to have a serious problem like that after just losing Flash to cancer would be very harsh. Also these poor doggies don’t deserve this. All they do is give love and loyalty.
  7. Over the last several weeks Poppy had been digging and poking her nose into the ground and anywhere else and she started getting cuts all over her nose; as it was healing the skin then started peeling where her nose (which is pink) met her fur at the top. This got worse and she kept scratching her nose everyday pretty much; so it was always bleeding somewhere. So we took her to the vet; the vet said it could be nothing just a result of her having a sensitive nose or it could be an autoimmune response where her body is attacking the pigmentation (or something like that) and so they took some biopsies. Poor Poppy has three separate stitches (one on each side and in the middle) and she doesn’t look like a very pretty girl at all! And even those aren’t exactly healing well. Her nose doesn’t look at all nice. And I am sure its painful and she is having to where the cone of shame to try and stop her poking it anywhere or to have her scratch it. She in herself is fine and has been fine - of course she isn’t a very happy doggy now - due to her painful nose etc; but she hasn’t acted like she had any issues except the nose. We expect the biopsy result probably Tuesday (as Monday is a holiday in the UK) and hopefully nothing comes up there. Has anyone got any experience of this?
  8. I have noticed it: - When she is sitting on my lap. She gets up and looks at her left leg like it is bothering her. This is not always but enough that I have noticed it. I am not so concerned about this because she is a big doggy now and doesn't fit on my lap so squashing her left left probably would cause some discomfort. - I have noticed it also when she has gotten up from sleeping twice and she has a few muscle spasms and her leg kicked out after coming to say hello (like your doggy does when they have been asleep and just woke up and have come to see you. Again it could just be that she is sleeping on her leg funny and she gets up and it is sore and stiff and has a spasm. I have never noticed it just randomly when walking or doing anything else. But the times it has happened when she hasn't been sitting on my lap it didn't happen right away so that is what concerned me.
  9. Poppy loves to jump on anything she can find; her balls, her toys and unfortunately other dogs. She will take off and try and land on some dogs; and when she doesn’t do that she is clearly very bossy. She will sniff the other dogs and then put her paws over them - which makes them go crazy most of the time - understandably. Due to the pandemic she hasn’t been around other dogs much; but during the summer this meant that either she got along with the other dogs or it turned into a fight (not a serious one as I pulled her away). I can’t figure out if this is her trying to dominate the other dog or she is just wanting to play and they take it aggressively. I do think she is a bossy little lady and thats part of it; but it means its very hard to know if a trip to the dog park will turn into playing or trying to keep her away from others. She also has a tendency even when playing to try and constantly nip at the other dogs and will even run towards them and take off (jumping) over them. She is a year and half. Any suggestions?
  10. My mum took her to the vet today. He gave her a thorough check (although not being allowed inside the vet means you can’t be sure) but going on what the vet says he said she is perfectly fine and there are no issues. He said it might be (paraphrasing my mother) some kind of epilepsy in that area and he was going to discuss it with a specialist but he couldn’t find anything wrong.
  11. She doesn’t show any discomfort or any favouritism to a particular side. And it doesn’t happen regularly- only occasionally but as I said I don’t recall seeing it happen to my previous Doggy so that’s why it caught my eye. Of course if your not looking for something you probably don’t see it.
  12. I noticed this morning that Poppy’s left leg spasms while she was standing up and she kicked out and looked at her leg. I noticed this happen a couple of times as well about a month ago. I haven’t seen it since. Is this something to get checked? I don’t remember seeing it happen ever with Flash before. Thanks.
  13. She isn’t having them regular. I have only seen it once when standing up and her sitting on my lap I can understand.
  14. I am not sure what I could take pics of? She has been fine since I posted that in terms of eating. I haven’t tried pressing hard on that area as I can’t say I want to hurt her! I do have another question. She likes to come sit on my lap if I sit on the floor cross-legged. And I have noticed that her legs seems to bother her when she gets off. I tend to think this is simply because her leg is squashed between my legs and thats all it is - pins and needles or just a bit painful because it isn’t a position that she would normally sit in. But obviously I want to be sure she doesn’t have any issues with her legs. Flash never had anything like that happen as far as I noticed but he never sat on my lap (and would have probably squashed me if he did!). I have seen her one time the other day have a leg spasm when she was standing up for a few seconds but again everyone gets muscle spasms but I don’t want her to have any problems! I sound like such a worrier... any thoughts on this?
  15. The blood test and urine came back fine - no issues - and she started eating and acting normally again. I imagine it was some kind of infection which the other vet would have probably given her antibiotics for that would have made her feel better quicker. The only mystery is the sore area between her legs on her tummy (where the man bits would be on a boy dog) we don’t know the cause of that. I don’t know if a pulled muscle or possibly bruising from something might be the cause of that? She is always getting a bit over excited and slipping on the floors in the house (even though we put extra carpets down) or slipping outside on the slippery ground and/or grass which seems to be exceptionally slippery even to me.
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