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  1. I noticed this morning that my new puppy fell over for no apparent reason when greeting my mum. She was asleep and woke up and went over to say hi and fell over. It was only once. But as I couldn’t see any reason for it (she wasn’t jumping or running and she was on carpet so I don’t see how she could have slipped). I know when we play in the garden and she is running she has been slipping and falling over but I put that down to wet grass and her being super excited. I guess the question here is can your dog fall over randomly for no apparent reason without it being a reason to visit the vet? Are dogs like us - I may wake up dizzy - possibly lose my balance but feel fine after some food and a shower. ?!
  2. Just got our little pup last night. And I’ve noticed that when she lies down to rest her little chest seems to be going up and down fast. She seems to be breathing fast and her heart beat feels fast. However she looks perfectly relaxed and isn’t acting in anyway to make me think there is anything wrong. But Flash was already 10 months when we got him and a big doggy and she is 2 months and little still.
  3. What is the situation with periods and dogs? not that I want to come across as gross or anything... lol Thanks
  4. I’ve spotted some puppies on the pets4home site. Any opinions on the site? What differences are there between a boy and a girl dog in terms of everyday life? Do you think it’s too soon to get another dog after Flash passing (love you Flash) on Monday? Thanks.
  5. First of all sorry if I badly titled this thread, I am extremely upset as today my Flash passed. I can’t imagine him not being there when I go home now and when the time is right if I can bring myself to do it I would like another doggy. I want to call him/her Flash Junior - just because we neutered him and it breaks my heart that such a good well natured dog wouldn’t have puppies and be a daddy. I want to make sure if we get another dog we honour him appropriately. Flash was a huskamute, white with grey on his back and tail and two blue eyes; I definitely think having had him I’d like another husky and/or cross. But aware that he succumb to cancer and kidney disease I can’t help but think I would like a pup who I know comes from a healthy family to give him/her the best chance. We didn’t actually have Flash at the start - we got him at about 9 months as his first owner no longer wanted him. I always wondered how he would have been if we brought him up from a puppy. Anyway based in South East area - any suggestions? Pointers? Thanks.
  6. Spinstorm


    Flash has been a part of the family for almost 10 years; today his last day he was 9 years old, 10 months and 1 day. He was the most calm, sweet, friendly dog who would love nothing more than to say hello to new people and make friends. Unfortunately he got kidney cancer and despite surviving the odds after 6 more months his body gave up on him. He was very stubborn too - and the vet thought the only reason he was still with us was because he was a real fighter. I am sure like everyone here who has lost a friend I will miss him so much. I wasn’t with him at the end - I was working, my mum was with him but last night I gave him kisses and told him he was the best dog ever and I loved him. I didn’t know it would be the last time. I hope he is now free and running around playing and making new doggy friends.
  7. Flash has a seizure this morning and was crying. I wasn’t there myself due to working but my mum had the nurses come and he passed away shortly after. The vet said his whole body was shutting down. I am heartbroken as you can all imagine and relate but I feel even worse for my mum who was there when it happened. He was such a good boy and last night when I left for work I gave him a kiss on the nose and told him he was the best boy ever. I didn’t know that would be the last time I see him.
  8. Thanks for the links. I was hoping someone here was like be able to share some experiences with you their doggie who had the same problem. Because it’s just so difficult to know how long he will survive. If he is going to get really unwell and maybe start suffering something clearly we don’t want. But equally I don’t believe in putting a dog to sleep as a kind thing to do (not trying to start an argument here) just it seems that we are on an inevitable train to disaster. And I think what everyone wants is that their family member will pass asleep one night and not suffer. I was hoping for some help understanding what is happening now. He did so well surviving cancer for his healthy kidney to give up is so unfair
  9. Hey all, first of all sorry if this is the wrong part of the forum to post in. I haven't been on here in a very long time probably many, many years. My Husky Malamute called Flash is almost 10 years old. Until March this year he was a super chilled but stubborn doggy. He had torn both his cruciate ligaments about a year apart from each other so had several months of recovering from that and of course that meant some arthritis as he has gotten older and definitely difficulty moving around but he still wanted to play and go out etc; then at the end of March he stopped eating, drinking and was lifeless. He was having trouble walking and so we took him to the vet. The vet wasn't sure what the problem was but did blood tests and found he has kidney problems. But his symptoms weren't that of gradual kidney failure so he had a scan. Turned out he had cancer on one of his kidneys. The vet told my mum that was the end of Flash; there was no way he would survive surgery to try and fix the cancer and he probably wouldn't last more than a week. Naturally he is part of the family so we took him to south downs specialists and the cancer surgeon there said we should operate. So he did after about a week of fluids and medicine to make him stronger he had surgery. They removed his cancerous kidney and he recovered well. He was soon back to his old although clearly achey from his knees self. We hoped that his kidney remaining would take on the work of the bad one and initially it looked good. His kidneys blood tests showed his body was doing well; unfortunately (as you can probably tell) that soon changed. Since July his blood tests have been very bad, in fact the vet is amazed he is still with us; and said he expected to see symptoms of kidney failure much sooner. I think it's fair to say that myself and my parents hoped that he would pull through; after all the vet considers the fact he is still alive to be a miracle. (he has tablets for high blood pressure and thyroxine too as his levels are low and he has that issue). Unfortunately over the last few weeks we have started seeing bad symptoms. He is losing weight and he is being sick a few times a week and wretching quite often even if he isn't sick. It is hard to decide if his lack of desire to go out and go for walks is down to his feeling sick or his legs; as it is very clear that his most recent leg is causing him pain (as it is shaking when he sits down and he drags it when walking time to time; plus his back is also getting sore as a result). He goes to the vet twice a week to have fluid therapy to try and flush out his kidneys and he also has laser heat treatment to make his legs and achey parts hurt less but he can't have painkillers because of his kidney. He is still eating - he hasn't lost his appetite although he does need some encouragement time to time and he has gotten this annoying habit of only drinking water from the garden tap; so we are filling syringes with water and basically giving him water like that often. The reason for this is that the garden tap makes him wretch as its a lot of water (even turned down) and it hurts his neck. I bought a inside water fountain type thing from amazon but he seems to have no idea what that is for. His symptoms are getting worse; even tonight (which is why I wrote this) he had a good dinner and was fast asleep and then suddenly got up and threw up his dinner.... This made me depressed. I have no idea how long he will last; for all intents and purposes the fact he has survived this long is a testament to what a stubborn dog he is! but I don't know what to expect and what is going to happen... I don't think the vet does either. I hope he pulls through but it seems unlikely that with one kidney and that kidney failing its only a matter of time and no other options... Any advice would be appreciated... Thanks.
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