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  1. I have found some Canny collars I don't need anymore 2 x size 4 1 x size 3 As a guide the 4 fits my boys and the 3 fits my girl. All used but still in excellent condition. Asking £8 each p&p included. Also got a manmat slip collar used but still excellent condition, fits my boy with nexk size 16" obviously adjusts. £5 p&p included. Thank you!
  2. Is this a joke? Do you seriously allow your dog to do this and find it funny? As Nix said if you break suddenly - thats him through the windscreen and most likely dead. Also you would get pulled over if the police saw that - as well as I have heard insurance policies being invalid if an accident is caused by a dog who isnt retrained in the car. Please have some common sense!
  3. And the above is advice on how to improve his prototype and if he is looking at making money out of them in the future
  4. Unfortunatly the pictures of this rig cause me some concern it is obvious that you haven't checked the rig safety specifications for racing huskies on dry land. These can be found at www.siberianhuskyclub.com From looking at the pics there are pointed corners at the back, which will cause serious damage should you fall off, also the brushbow looks a little low and should be a certain height - you may want to check the spec on the above link. The reason for the brushbow being a certain height is to keep the lines aligned with the posistionof the dogs to ensure no damage to their legs and back. The footplates also look quite low and not sure of the ground clearence on uneven ground. Also the way it comes right the way across the rig would make it difficult to scoot without banging your shins. There also needs to be space for a rig bag if you are running 2 or more dogs, whether you are racing or not. Please bear in mind these aren't just rules for if you want to race but also for the safety of you and your dogs. Hope that is something to think about! Sarah
  5. Im sorry I have to agree with Claire!!!! After working in welfare for nearly 4 years now I know how hard it can be to right SA. It doesn't matter if the dog is 16 weeks old or 8 years old what damage is done is done!!!! Last year my partner left, which meant I had to leave my dogs for longer than they were used to. They started to destroy my house - this is three dogs, who all got on great, had each other as company, were walked/ or ran every morning and night, had a pet sitter in twice a week for an hour to sit with them and have no previous issues of SA. Thankfully I have an ace boss who built me a run outside and the dogs are much happier now. Please think about if this is the right dog for you and if yours is the right sitution for her. I wish you all the best with Luna and I hope you prove me wrong. Totally off topic - James how do you know Zeke?
  6. Sorry to butt into the thread but - you walked for 5 hours on saturday? Wasn't it extremly hot in the Midlands?
  7. Do they come with the ice cubes???
  8. That would be great Sid!
  9. Nope nothing in particular, be it a bottle of wine you dont like? A spare keyring etc anything will help! Sarah x
  10. Not sure if this is the right place to post so please move it about if needs be! Im trying to organise a tombola of some sorts at a forthcoming SHWA fundraiser. I would really appreciate if anyone has any prizes they would like to donate?? Anything would be gratefully received! Many thanks in advance!! Sarah xxx
  11. Still available guys! Great tent and great price!
  12. Coleman Bispace 500 5 person tent Well looked after and only used a handful of times. Standing height would be about 6ft Looking for £60 buyer collect or pay for delivery.
  13. Possibly I will ask her. How many dogs is it for?
  14. Very naughty of them! Wouldn't be surprised if they planned that all along! You have 3 months after your booster is due to have it so it wont matter if its a few weeks late. Sarah
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