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  1. Good afternoon everyone! Simka here barking that I hope everyone is staying healthy and warm! Here in Maine, everyone mommy knows is sick she calls it a “Stomach bug”. Just one more human thing I dont fully understand! Well, Grizzlee and crew are all doing well. They sure keep their mommy Carol on her toes! They have been having the most wonderful time today. Aunty Elizabeth is watching them while Carol works today. They were all out back doing their business and rough housing when she arrived early this morning. They all dashed into the living room to greet her when Carol let them in. They went nutso over the surprise she had brought for them: Grrrrr Slurp! A new pair of the yummiest nikes they had ever seen! A totally awesome snack for 4 big hungry shoe monsters! The leather smell was overwhelming and they all sniffed and licked and nibbled and in no time those nikes were being eaten right off her feet. Grizz and Rusty chewed the first one off followed by Snickers and Rosco! Once they claimed Aunties nikes, they all retreated to the guest bedroom for an afternoon of chewing. Lots of growling and snorting and wet squeaking. They just LOOOOVE the taste of those soft chewy new nikes! I’m so thankful for us having cool Aunties. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if Aunty ended up wearing a pair of Carols boots home haha! Will update all later! Simka
  2. Good morning all, Simka here wishing everyone a fun and safe holiday! 😍 Simka & Natalie & Grizzlee & Crew
  3. Awwww, Happy birthday baby Kaimana! Love Simka & Natalie & Crew
  4. Good evening all! Hope you are all having a grrrreat fall and enjoying the pretty colored leaves and fresh apple cider! Here in Maine, when mommy lets me out in the morning, I can see my breath! But by the afternoon it is warmer. Well, mommy found out the other day the Carol (The Grizzs mommy) got a new addition to the canine family. DRUMROLL!!!!!: Everyone meet Rosco: He is a large bloodhound who was in a bad home situation and Carol being the amazing human she is, took him in to give him all the love and support and forever home that he needs. Here he is meeting Grizz for the first time: The boys have been great with him and all are getting along good! He is well mannered except like all us big dogs he is also a shoe monster so he will fit into the gang just fine! So I also found out tomorrow is going to be extra special for him. Tomorrow Aunty Kristen is doggysitting the boys after she is done school and Rosco will get to eat his first pair of new reebok sneakers! Kristen stopped by Carols earlier to meet him and as you can see, the boys got to taste her pair of new school reeboks: The boys thought those reeboks were delicious and if Kristen stayed any longer tonight they would have chewed and slobbered them right off her feet! Well, I hope Rosco has a grrrreat day tomorrow and all the boys have sweet dreams of lots of reeboks! Simka
  5. Simka here, I bet my buddy Grizz would be a grrrrreat biznis runner! The only problem I could see would be that he would want to sample all the merchandise. Yikes! Well, on a side note, he did get to have the first bite of Aunty Rachels new school nikes yesterday’s! From what I heard, they sure made a delicious afternoon snack for the boys! I’m not a betting dog, but I have a feeling they will not last all week! Will keep everyone updated! Simka
  6. Simka here barking wow! thanks for the prayers! It took a little while but GrizzLee’s paw is all better now. (By the way: Grizz ate those blue reeboks all up for dessert) In fact, him and the boys are going crazy right now. See, classes at college started for Aunty Rachel and Kristen and starting tomorrow, they will b watching the boys in the afternoon at Grizz’s house where they can also study and do homework. AND the best part is that the girls will be wearing their yummy new school sneakers!!!!! The boys are counting down the hours before the girls get there and Grizz and crew can have their afternoon snack. They can’t wait!!!! Simka
  7. Yikes! Hey you guys, we heard that the storm is very bad in the Carolinas right now. So be careful and stay safe! Simka and Crew
  8. Hey all, Simka barking here that I hope everyone had a grrrrreat summer and are ready for fall! In Maine, the leaves in the back yard are beautiful! Green, red, orange, yellow and everything in between. They have already started to collect on the ground and pretty soon mommy will be raking them up and me and Grizz and crew will be jumping into the piles! Oh, and mommy will get out her pumpkin and apple spice candles which make the house smell delicious. Better than wet dog and mud! AND since it is cooling down in the morning and at night, well, that’s my kinda weather!!! Squirrels and chipmunks running across the yard, their mouths full of acorns and other nuts getting ready to hunker down. And (sigh) no more new summer sneakers However, there will be several pairs of new school sneakers just ready for tasting! Well, hope everyone is doing well! Bark later! Simka
  9. Good evening all! Simka here barking that mommy and me hope you all are enjoying summer because before you know it the leaves will be falling and frost will come. Already in Maine it is starting to cool down and the days are getting shorter Well, my buddy GrizzLee is just having the worst luck lately. His toofer doofer was sore not long ago and now today I find he has an infecticated paw! He musta stepped on something sharp or something. He was hobbling around last night and Carol dropped him off at Kristens this morning so she could take him to the veteraterianen guy. It was pretty early this morning when they got to Kristens and Carol let herself and Grizz in. Kristen was laying on the couch reading and As soon as Grizz ran up to her he could not believe his eyes: Mmmmmm, Slurp!!! Now all us dogs know how yummy Kristens new white reebok sneakers are. I think however that these light blue reeboks are going to be the most delicious sneakers ever! She got them at the beginning of summer and we have only seen them for a brief second at her apartment when she doggysat us once. We always try to sniff them out but they always remain elusive, totally hidden. Hmmph! Before Kristen can swing her legs out of the way, The Grizz jumps up on the couch and tries to tug them off her feet: He managed to steal one of the yummy reeboks off her foot, but had to give it back so they could get going to the vet. It was a long wait at the vets. Kristen found a spot to sit in the waiting room and Grizz layed at her feet. Well it wasnt long before he couldn’t resist those soft chewy reeboks and he started sniffing and licking them. A few minutes and they were both good and squishy with warm slimy newfie slobber: So finally the vet got a splinter out of GrizzLee’s paw and got him on the mend. The whole time Kristen talked to the office secretary, Grizz tried to get the reeboks in his mouth. The secretary fussed all over him and about how cute he was. She said that Kristen had better make sure she spoil Grizz rotten with her reeboks when they get home. When they got back to Kristens place it was still late morning, so after a short nap, the Grizz was starting to feel more like his old self and was ready to eat those reeboks! About 5 minutes later, he had them both chewed off her feet and he was enjoying them in the backyard. Well, this was a little while ago: He was hiding in the woods with the other reebok. Kristen said she had never heard him growl and snort so loud before and you could hear the reebok squeaking between his teeth. Kristen already said he could stay over at her place tonight and she would take him home tomorrow. Wow! Wish I coulda been there to enjoy those yummy chewy new reeboks for dessert too! I mean he didn’t even have to share them with Rusty or Snickers! Tell ya what, that Grizz is spoiled rotten for sure!!! Well Grizz, sweet dreams with lots of blue reeboks!!! Simka
  10. Welcome back Dave! Simka & The Gang
  11. Hey all! just Simka here with an update: Yup, GrizzLee is doing good and his toofer is working again. In fact, it worked so good that today he got to eat Kristens new reeboks. Yikes! Go Grizz! Simka
  12. Hey all! Simka here with an update: First I want to bark Thanks for all the support for my buddy! Grizz actually had a grrrrreat day today all things considered. Auntie Kristen took him to the veteratrarian (or whatever he calls himself) this morning and he got a piece of something gross that was stuck between 2 of his teeth unstuck. So it will b a couple days of being sore but Grizz will be fine! Well, this morning, Carol dropped him off at Kristens and because he wasn’t feeling well, she decided to spoil him with his favorite naughty snack: Snickers and Rusty were not there so he didn’t have to share and the leather was sooo soft and chewy but as much as Grizz wanted to eat them, he could only sniff and lick and slurp them because of his sore toofer. Kristen told him not to worry and that he could enjoy them all he wanted after the appointment. So, the vet visit was good and Grizz didnt waste any time when they got back to Kristens place: Despite a sore toofer, those new reeboks were no match for Grizz. He had the first one tugged of her feet in no time. When he finally got both, he ran with them into the guest room and spent the afternoon sniffing slurping licking and enjoying them. He even came back out and licked the taste of the reeboks off Kristens feet. She laughed and laughed and tried to get him to stop!: Eventually she reclaimed her reeboks. Because Grizz could not chew them, they were not really damaged just REALLY slimy! Infact, Grizz had pretty much filled both reeboks up with warm slimy newfie slobber. Kristen got as much of it out as she could: Well, she is watching him for the next few days. Hopefully his toofer feels better and he can eat those new reeboks all up for dessert tomorrow! Paws crossed!!!! Simka
  13. Good evening all! Simka here barking that I hope everyone is having a grrrreat weekend! Unfortunately Grizz is not. His toofer doofer is sore and Auntie Kristen is taking him to the vet tomorrow morning. Please send some loving thoughts his way. I’m really upset and hope he will be okay Thanks all. Simka
  14. Simka here! The Grizz definitely has that affect on every human that meets him. I think he hypnotizes them into bringing fresh new nikes and reeboks for him and the boys too. It seems to be working!

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