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  1. Good evening all! Simka here barking that I hope everyone has been well and enjoyed the fall! It’s been a while since I barked here, so I apologize. Mommy is working different hours for her job so there has been an adjustment. She sleeps when she should be awake and vice versa! Anyway, we have been well but just busy. Unfortunately for GrizzLees mommy Carol, they had a loss in the family. Roscoe the hound passed this fall. He passed over the rainbow bridge and will forever be remembered, as he always spread joy to people and other dogs who met him. We miss you Roscoe buddy Well, not all is bad. See, Carol rescued another brother for GrizzLee and the boys. His name is AJ and he is a BIG mastiff. His last home was too stressful for him and he was not given the love he deserves. So everyone, here is AJ: A beautiful boy and actually is larger than GrizzLee if that is possible! Oh wait, about the sneakers in the photos, yes like the rest of the crew he is a total sneaker monster! All shoes worn in the boys house are fair game. He will fit in just fine. Well, today was an extra special day. What started out as a total bummer (a trip to the vet) ended up being awesome for AJ: He got to enjoy his first pair of Aunty Kristens yummy school sneakers! So after coming home from the vet, AJ was pleasantly surprised to see that Aunty Kristen was going to doggysit him for the afternoon. GrizzLee and crew were asleep downstairs napping and did not hear her come in. She came in and sat down in the livingroom. AJ instantly spotted them on her feet: Mmmmmmm, he had never tasted new Reeboks before! He plopped down right in front of her feet and started sniffing and licking the toes of the reeboks and pulling out the laces. Kristen laughed and told him to pace himself so that the reeboks would last the whole afternoon. They were so yummy and chewy and it didn’t take him long to wrestle the first Reebok off and run away with it. After having a good long chewing and slobbering session, he went back for the other Reebok. He chased Kristen into the kitchen where he ate the other Reebok right off her foot. Lots and lots and lots of slimy mastiff slobber and wet growling! Kristen put up a good fight, but was no match for AJ and he eventually claimed the Reebok for his yummy treat. AJ had so much fun hiding with those delicious new Reeboks and eating them all up for yummy afternoon dessert. Not soon after, Kristen had to leave and hunted for her Reeboks. She found AJ asleep on top of them. She decided to wear a pair of Carols shoes home and let AJ keep her Reeboks to enjoy later on tonight after everyone was asleep. WOW Kristen is totally awesome! Well, I think AJ is gonna have it made! He can’t wait for Aunty Kristen to come back over and being some more yummy treats! Hope everyone has a happy Thanksgiving for those who celebrate! Simka
  2. Welcome back! Was just thinking the other day we should check in and let everyone know that we are still alive and kicking too! Hahahahaha:) Happy pre- Thanksgiving to everyone that still celebrates! Natalie & Simka & GrizzLee and Crew
  3. Good evening all! Simka here. Long time no bark from for sure! Well, I hope everyone is having a good summer. In Maine, it has been rainy and the mosquitoes and black flies have been out in full force! Hopefully we see the sun soon! Well, me and GrizzLee and crew have been ok. Trying to keep our noses clean and stay out of trouble. Somehow trouble always seems to find us! Been staying at Grizz’s house when mommy works. Unfortunately Mommy and Carol both worked today so they had to find another doggysitter. Well, my Cuzzin Elizabeth was available and arrived at GrizzLees this morning. As soon as she set foot inside the house all us dogs went nutso at what we saw: Now us naughty boys have not had a new pair of nikes in an eternity and these smelled heavenly delicious. Grizz, Roscoe, Snickers,Rusty, and myself all crowded around them for a good hungry taste. Elizabeth tried to dodge us and sat down in the living room. We all followed and gathered around her feet. All that new white nike leather was sooo soft and chewy and it didn’t take us 5 big dogs long to drown them in warm slimy doggy slobber and start pulling out the laces. Cuzzin thought she could escape and went and sat at the dining room table, but we all shimmied under the table and took turns chewing until we wrestled them right off her feet. Rusty and Grizz growled and snorted the whole time! After we ate Cuzzins yummy new nikes off, we took them out back to GrizzLees secret sneaker chewing hideout where we have been all afternoon enjoying them. Hopefully Cuzzin stays over tonight so we can have her new nikes for a yummy late night dessert. Paws crossed!!!!! Simka and Crew
  4. Happy Mother’s Day to all! Hope everyone had a fun day! Simka & Natalie & Crew
  5. Good afternoon all! Simka here barking I hope everyone is enjoying the nice muddy spring weather! This weekend turned out to be totally awesome for Grizzlee and crew. See, this was the first weekend that he could actually hike into the woods behind his house and get to his secret sneaker eating hideout. It has been shut down since last fall because of the cold and deep deep snow. Well, Aunty Rachel was watching the boys this weekend so Grizz had to work fast to get to it. Here is Grizz doing some serious trail grooming in the woods this morning: Well, Aunty Rachel did not disappoint when she arrived at the house and Grizzlee got to have first dibs on her yummy chewy new purple Reeboks. He had soooo much fun drowning them in warm slimy Newfie slobber: A little while later and the boys had them chewed off her feet and were headed to the secret sneaker eating hideout: I guess they have been enjoying her Reeboks all afternoon. Go Grizz and Crew!!!!! Simka
  6. SimkasMom


    Very sad I agree. I think even the shortest flight would be too long for our precious fur babies. Natalie & Simka
  7. Good evening all! Simka here barking I hope all you Huskies and humans are ready for spring! I can’t WAIT for mud season! Mommy had better get her vacuum thingy ready for me! Well, I found out today that GrizzLee and crew tried out a new doggysitter. Jen is one of Kirsten and Rachel’s friends and neither of then could watch the boys on short notice. I know Grizz and crew had been kinda bummed, since they were looking forward to enjoying Kristen’s sneakers but Jen really came thru! The boys were outside when she arrived: They ran in to greet her and taste her shoes and slobber them up: MmmmmSlurp! Heavenly delicious new pink leather Reeboks! GrizzLee got first dibs and sniffed and licked them hungrily. After that, Roscoe, Snickers and Rusty and him all ganged up and chewed on them, pulled the laces out and wrestled them off her feet: After they claimed her Reeboks as theirs, they hid with them under some warm blankets in the guestroom: Well, that was earlier. Not sure but I have a feeling that they have probably been enjoying those yummy chewy reeboks all day! Well, it seems like Jen is a good fit. GrizzLee and crew sure are lucky! They have the next 3 days to enjoy those reeboks. Hope they last that long. Yikes! Will update all you Huskies later! Simka
  8. Thats too funny! 😂 Simka & Natalie
  9. (sigh) Hey all, Simka here barking that I’m kinda bummed right now. Those delicious new Reeboks that mommy got the other day, well, I missed out on BIG time. I had been trying to sniff them out this evening, but couldn’t find them. Then mommy spills the beans: See, she went over to Carols earlier today and “accidentally” wore them over. Well, Grizz & the Crew went nutso over them and ate them right off Mommies feet! They then took the Reeboks to the guestroom where they thoroughly enjoyed them. Mommy went looking for her Reeboks, and found them with Grizz and the boys under the blankets: They were completely chewed, slobbered and filled with lots of warm slimy Newfie slobber. Mommy had to wrestle them out of the boys jaws. I guess her Reeboks are still over there and Grizz and Crew plan on having them for a late night dessert. Hmmph! Sure wish mommy had brought me over so I could have enjoyed them (sigh). Well, goodnight all. Simka
  10. Hey all! Simka here barking that me and mommy hope everyone has been well and surviving this cold, wintery weather! We have sure been busy in Maine. Mommy helped a friend get back on her feet after an abusive relationship the beginning of this year. Helped her find an apartment and let her stay with us for the meanwhile. Mommy has the biggest heart! Well, Grizz & Crew have been doing well too. No trips to the vet dude. We actually have not been over to visit them in a while, but I have been keeping up on their “shoe-nanigans”! And by the sounds of it, they have not eaten any sneakers for a long time and are craving some badly. It’s actually been a while for me too, so I am totally going bonkers over what happened today: Mommy went sneaker shopping with the girls and brought home these pair of delicious new reeboks!: Mmmmmmm, they look and smell sooooo yummy and I just can’t wait to chew on them! Mommy says they are her new summer sneakers so I have to wait! Well, I kept trying to sniff and lick them and finally mommy said if I didn’t stop, she would wear them over to Carol’s and let Grizz & Crew have their way with them. Yikes! I’m trying to behave but it sure is a looooong wait until summer Maybe you humans and huskies can convince mommy to let me have a little nibble now?????? (I would REALLY love to sink my toofers into those soft white leather toes and slobber them all up!) Thanks All and goodnight! Simka
  11. Glad everyone is safe.....for the time being. It sure is a different world from when I was a little girl until now. Maybe “different” isn’t the right word Natalie & Simka & Crew
  12. SimkasMom

    Merry Xmas from

    Merry (slighty late) Christmas! Just got back home from visiting family. Phew! Love Simka & Natalie & GrizzLee crew
  13. Simka here with an update: Well, it looks as if the boys lucked out tonight because Aunty Rachel and Kristen decided to sleep over as the roads are very icy out near GrizzLee’s house. Looks like some big hungry shoe monsters are in for a late night nike dessert! Go GrizzLee and crew!!!!! Simka
  14. Good evening all! Simka here hoping everyone is ready for the Holidays!!!! Well, mommy has been baking yummy stuff and she even hauled this big tree in the house and put all kinds of lights and stuff on it. I think the idea is that I’m supposed to try to pull all the stuff off it, but for some reason mommy is not amused???? Well, Carol had her holiday party this afternoon and invited a bunch of humans including Aunty Rachel and Kristen. The girls just got some yummy new sneakers last week and they said if Grizz and crew were good, they might wear them over to the party! However, Kristen wore hers over the other day and the boys got to have a taste. From what I have heard they have all been going nutso for those nikes ever since! Well, as super awesome humans, Aunty Rachel and Kristen kept their word this afternoon: After some major sniffing and licking and growling, Grizz and crew each finally picked out which yummy new nike they wanted to eat up for dessert! A totally awesome holiday treat!!!!!! From what I heard, Grizz, Rusty and Snickers wrestled them off quickly and each took a sneaker down to the guest room to enjoy. Rosco however took his time savoring all the soft chewy white leather and his sneaker was the last to be chewed off. They are really hoping the girls will stay over, since the roads are icy and then they can enjoy those delicious new seakers all night! Im so thankful that my buddies have such amazing humans to spoil them! Happy holidays all!!!! Simka
  15. Good afternoon everyone! Simka here barking that I hope everyone is staying healthy and warm! Here in Maine, everyone mommy knows is sick she calls it a “Stomach bug”. Just one more human thing I dont fully understand! Well, Grizzlee and crew are all doing well. They sure keep their mommy Carol on her toes! They have been having the most wonderful time today. Aunty Elizabeth is watching them while Carol works today. They were all out back doing their business and rough housing when she arrived early this morning. They all dashed into the living room to greet her when Carol let them in. They went nutso over the surprise she had brought for them: Grrrrr Slurp! A new pair of the yummiest nikes they had ever seen! A totally awesome snack for 4 big hungry shoe monsters! The leather smell was overwhelming and they all sniffed and licked and nibbled and in no time those nikes were being eaten right off her feet. Grizz and Rusty chewed the first one off followed by Snickers and Rosco! Once they claimed Aunties nikes, they all retreated to the guest bedroom for an afternoon of chewing. Lots of growling and snorting and wet squeaking. They just LOOOOVE the taste of those soft chewy new nikes! I’m so thankful for us having cool Aunties. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if Aunty ended up wearing a pair of Carols boots home haha! Will update all later! Simka
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