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  1. Thought this deserves an update: Tallica is doing well now, although now she only has one eye. All was ok, much like the last time, then over the course of 24hours her left eye deteriorated again. This was on Sunday 22nd April, we got her booked into Grove Lodge to see Denise. I travelled by train with both Tallica and Vixen as Ian couldn't get the time off that short notice, only to have the worst news confirmed: the left eye has got inflamed again and it would need to be removed. Devastating wasn't the word but it was a cold hard fact it just wasn't going to get any better no matter what treatment was going to be done on it. She was booked into our local vets to have the operation done on April 26th. I went to drop her off and I'm so glad i took Vix with me as I would have fallen to pieces if I hadn't come out walking a dog after leaving Tallica there. She was back with us by the evening, the eye removed and a collar on her head. The eye area was shaved as we have got used to, but her left side of her face was so swollen it was heartbreaking seeing her so poorly. Within a week the swelling had dramatically improved and she was a bit more herself. The vets had given us some special food to maintain her weight given how badly she lost weight the last times she went under the knife. This really helped her and the food was surprisingly covered by the insurance! Since then she has come over in leaps and bounds with her progress. The eye socket went down and has gone a bit concaved but that was anticipated. Her stitches feel out nicely and her puppiness has started to emerge again, the first time since she was six months old. She has been back to Grove Lodge and Denise is very happy with her progress, she has even put on weight since and is currently at 18kg! Everything was covered by insurance and she doesn't need any medication now so it is all good. She is a very happy and healthy puppy now.
  2. Hi all, I just want to confirm the people are doing the walk and raising money for us are as follows: Laura-louise Phillips Amanda Hazelden HarveyPhillips Maria Ian Moore Emma Louise Moore Additional fundraisers: Shantel Phillips, Karen Clabon and Steven Clabon Anyone else that claims to be doing this walk is not associated with us and there is no guarantee that any money pledged to them will go to the charity. It's annoying that I have to say this but I don't want people's good intentions being deceived. Thank you. And on a good note: we are currently at 52%! Get doanting! www.justgiving.com/BewlWaterApril1st
  3. 19% there, come on folks, no one from this site has donated, come on folks, you only have to donate a pound! If everyone on here donated pound we would easily reach our target of £1000. Come on, it's only a pound and they do fantastic work. www.justgiving.com/BewlWaterApril1st If a little girl can give up her pocket money for a week for this you all can give a pound...
  4. We are up to 12% of our target!! We've got a fourth person with us: Amanda
  5. bumping up to say local paper is interested and will do a little article on us, think it will be in next week's edition.
  6. Hi all, On April 1st Myself, lauraxxx29 and Slash79 will be doing a sponsored walk around the whole of Bewl Water, totaling 15miles. We are walking to raise money for Raystede : a long standing animal sanctuary and rehoming centre in Ringmer near Lewes, East Sussex. They have been going for over 50 years and they are the chosen charity to be sponsored for the year by Hastings Direct. Here is their website for more information on the charity: www.raystede.org We have an ambitious target: £1000 If we can reach this goal I will be ecstatic. We have a JustGiving page set up, if anyone would be willing to donate or even just share this amongst your friends I would be really appreciative. Here is our justgiving page: www.justgiving.com/BewlWaterApril1st Thank You.
  7. Elmo


    Thanks all. Well we will be taking on a third husky. Once we get the all clear with tallica's eyes and can start treating her a bit more normally we will introducing a new member of the pack. She's a red, similar age to Vixen and we already know her through walking with her pack and she has the same temperament as Vix. All going well with Tallica we shall be introducing her in to the new home in March...
  8. Elmo


    Thought this deserved to be updated. As Tan J P already knows we aren't taking Moose on, but he is being brought into the SHARE family to get a new home through them. Final straw for us was when we had to think with our heads and not our hearts. After over two months of visiting him and constantly seeing him limp after a 20mins walk and play, the vets x-ray came back with nothing obvious to show why he gets a stiff leg with minimal exercise. The sanctuary insisted it was just a sprain and with longer walks he is no longer limping. when I volunteered for a day there about a week after they said that, I saw Moose again in the enclosure. He was still stiff legged. That was the last day I saw him as I didn't want to get any more attached with a dog we knew we wouldn't be able to treat fairly with our exsisting pack. Ours go for very long walks and I'm going to get Vixen bike-jorring with me. Ideally I'd want a running partner with Vix (Tallica's cateract problems rule her out from ever running long distance or pulling rigs/bikes). If Moose finds it diffcult to walk after a few miles then it would be unfair to him to be taking on shorter walks alone and miss out on bonding sessions onthe longer walks and runs.
  9. 13 months old. fluctuates between 15-17kgs.
  10. Tallica looks so skinny, with all her operations her weight has been fluctuating. The last op saw her at 15kgs, she gained two kilos while she was on rest but now she is back to a nearly normal walking routine, what looked promising for her to fill out has turned around back to looking skinny again. I look at her and it doesn't take a long glance to be able to see the lines of her ribs. Behaviour, is typical puppy, right now she's having a mad 5 mins playing with the tennis ball she has decided to chew up today. Food, she is eating the same amount as my adult, two cups of JWB as well as a few treats and carrot at bedtime. Health, is fine (operations have all to do with her eyes) bowels and bladder normal function, worming up to date. Her only allergy is peanuts. So, any know of any supplements in the doggy world that can aid her in keeping some weight on this little scamp? I will be talking to the vets about this in our next check up with her but I want to have a good idea of what's available and not be charged the earth for things that cost a lot for the sake of it...
  11. Also bear in mind two additional things: the sale of goods act and the distance selling act Sale of goods act means that items purchase should last a reasonable amount of time. this means that you are well within your right to ask for replacement of refund if you feel the item purchased has not lasted a reasonable amount of time Distance selling is a protection for items bought on the internet, it protects the buyer from getting stung with faulty or incorrect items from a buyer that deals just on the internet. If the item hasnt lasted its warrently, you can regard it as faulty. Persistance is the key and after a reasonable amount of time contact Trading Standards Also contact your bank or paypal about tyring to get your money back, at the end of the day you have a useless item and seller is non communicative.
  12. Elmo


    Another productive visit with Moose and our two. Although we've been told he doesn't back down with dominent dogs, all interaction with our two say different. Never in my life have I seen a dog be so laid back about being dominated by a bitch! He lets her before rolling over going belly up and with a huge smile on his face! He faces a bit of pack order with Tallica, they both want to be beta rather than omega, in my eyes Tallica is beta and quite rightly so seeing she is already bonded with Vixen. So Tallica is telling Moose off when he plants a paw on her shoulder and really growling at him. Yet as soon as she relaxes she is quite happily playing with him. Still to hear the official verdict from the vets about his leg, the xray has been done just waiting for the report from the vet.
  13. oh no its no chew toy for these two, it'll go pride of place with my other stieff huskies and wolves. IF i could have it....lol, 4 days to go, you never know,,,,
  14. oh if only I had the money spare! I could buy him and put him in the window watching for Ian, That would freak him out!!!
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