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  1. 9151 votes. We're going to make the Platinum Award eeeeasy this year!
  2. Not a sticky anymore? Just tried to find this and it took ages!
  3. 6485 - well on our way to the highest award!
  4. Wooooah, hoping no one saw the random, slightly dodgy webcam picture that had somehow replaced the Canny Collar image - I've sorted this now! No idea how that happened
  5. 3275 - one third of all the votes HO has EVER received in the 3 years this award has been running have been added within the last 2 1/2 months. Definitely an improvement this year!!
  6. We're wizzing off with it this year! Already got almost a thousand and it's only been up for three weeks! Impressive guys
  7. How do we get the little linked image to go in our signatures?
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