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  1. Was it definitely blood from the other dog? As his age he'll be teething. When any of mine have been teething they would always leave blood marks when playing, but it was from their own gums.
  2. Oh my God Syrice is possibly one of the most beautiful dogs I've ever seen!
  3. Mine are fed raw meat and bones so their teeth are sparkly white, no need for brushing Once they're back on kibble I'll still be giving them bones so hopefully they'll stay that way.
  4. Has anyone done this before? I'm having to move my two back to dry food after about 8 months on raw. A few weeks ago my car's engine exploded on the motorway (pretty bloody terrifying experience!), and was written off. I need a car for work so as a result I've ended up getting a new car on finance (I pick up Connie Corsa on Friday ) but that now means I'm basically permanently skint for the next 5 years unless I win the lottery or get a massive pay rise. So I've been looking at ways to save money. I'm selling a bunch of my stuff including the dog food freezer, taking them off raw (which at the moment is costing me almost £60 a month), and will be feeding them Skinners kibble for the next 5 months as I won 5 x 15kg bags of the stuff. After that if they've done ok on it I'll stick with it, if not I'll look for a better one but either way I'll save about £30 a month after that. I'm just wondering how their digestive systems are going to handle the switch? At the moment their poos are small, dry, crumbly, (stinky!)...everything it usually is on raw. Should I expect their tummies to go a bit mental for the first week or so on kibble and give them the squits? It's not like I'll be able to change over slowly like you would from one kibble to another because you shouldn't feed raw and kibble together. I'm not expecting any other negatives with the change over to be honest as Kiska has gotten sick of it and keeps leaving it (and tries to take my sister's puppy's kibble!), and Freya will eat absolutely anything, even if it's not edible I'm just curious to know how their bodies are likely to adjust.
  5. You can never be too harsh when you're trying to ensure you protect the puppy's lives as carefully as you can. If you get this wrong it's the pups who will suffer, so don't feel bad for trying to do your absolute best!
  6. Hey everyone! I'm back! I can only apologise for not being around for the last few months, I went away on holiday for a couple of weeks and when I got home I was so busy (even started in a new job ) I just never got back on here I've popped on every now and then just so as I didn't completely lose touch with everything but I had some trouble logging in when the forum changed and it took me ages to bother trying to sort it =S But me, Kiska and Freya are back now and in true HO style, because I know everyone loves this part, here's some photos of what we've been up to the last few months!
  7. Hyshqa

    Oh Koda :(

    Oh my God eyegasm! I wish mine would blow like that. Pick ALL the tufts!!!!
  8. That is absolutely disgusting! How horribly cruel, selfish and down right inhumane. I really find that just.....sick How someone can say they love their dogs but have that sort of plan for them....if their dog dies, are they planning to commit suicide? Kiska and Freya would stay with my parents. They absolutely adore Kiska and don't even like it when I go away with her so there's no way they'd send her anywhere if something happened to me. Freya they struggle with a bit more but with how my mum is, she'd never let her go either
  9. Freya looks about the same and is 11 months too. I think it is a bit thin, but that it's natural for that age and you don't need to do anything about it, he'll fill out naturally over time
  10. Hyshqa


    It's 90 minutes, not 90 miles
  11. Welcome! I was due to attend that meet you went to but was locked out of my house and couldn't get to my puppies There's a guy, Floyd, who also couldn't come that day. Floyd, Karen and myself all live within 4-5 minutes of each other so we meet up regularly for walks - you're always welcome to join us, though I know it's probably a bit too far for you to come that regularly
  12. Hyshqa

    I love fibre

    Not particularly happy with my upload speed!!
  13. I wasn't saying I wouldn't have taken her to a vet if I didn't have her insured because of money, I was just saying that with her being insured money wouldn't be a worry, not that she wouldn't go. I won't be taking her though, she's absolutely fine today! Passing poos fine, scoffed her breakfast, wasn't sick all night, hasn't been sick at all today, and isn't lethargic or down in the dumps at all! She's completely back to her usual self, you'd never have guessed she seemed so poorly last night
  14. I swear, this dog is always getting under the weather I woke up this morning to an insanely large amount of sick and bile in Freya's crate - it was absolutely chocked full of pink rubbery plastic; she'd chewed up and eaten the dog-toy-box the day before. She was still being sick all of today with more pink plastic coming up, and she's started pooing it out now too. She's been acting really quiet and lethargic all evening apparently (I was out this evening but my parents told me how she'd been when I got home), but was fine when I got home and hadn't been sick in a good few hours. However just as I started typing out this thread she was sick again No more pink plastic though. She was crying, shuffling around uncomfortably and licking her lips right before she was sick so I think she's got some of it stuck in her stomach She's still eating and passing poos fine though so I'm not worried that this is immediately life threatening, but if she's still showing ANY signs of being poorly tomorrow then I'm taking her straight to the vets. Not that I have £500 for the surgery to get a foreign object removed (I've asked for a quote before). Bloody dog! She's still hovering around the room now, shuffling about and looking miserable Maybe this will teach her to stop eating random crap! EDIT: Sweet merciful Jesus, I got both the dogs insured a few months ago! YESSS! Money worries gone
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