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  1. Andy was taking care of me for a week after having foot surgery...who looks like they were really being fussed over, me or him??? Let's see your husky sleeping somewhere unusual.
  2. you could attach a sheet or blanket...the back seats may pull down and you can tuck it in or sew it to the back of the seat and tuck it in tight at the middle. That's what i usually do in my back seat and it works.
  3. Why are some of the older photos missing?
  4. Our departed Husky, Storm, could dig out of our yard with a 6 foot privacy fence in about 45 seconds...we added an invisible fence on the inside of our yard to keep her in...but she learned how to jump past the 4 feet of shock value, and dig, with only a few shocks (not really shock, but warning beeps, and she had such a thick neck, i'm not sure she ever felt it), so regardless of the cost and extra effort installing and training, she didn't care...took the pain, and still dug out. Any automatic device, whether it's shock or a pinch collar, does not replace plain old attention to your dog. My 3 got out of our yard about a month ago when one fence panel was ripped out during a wind storm and i got up to let them out in the middle of the night. Had no idea the fence was gone, and couldn't see it till it was too late. The boys came back within minutes, but our little girl, Jessy was gone for 5 hours, in the dark for most of it, and crossed 2 very busy roads, and ended up somewhere we would never have looked because none of the dogs ever went in that direction. Thank goodness for the lady that found her drinking in her front yard water feature and that Jessy loves everyone and stayed with her until she called us and we got there...it's a terrible feeling to lose your dog, and while this has been hashed over and over here, I personally, will never ever let my dogs off lead, nor will they ever be out in my own safe fenced yard without being supervised. Just my humble thought.
  5. Arthur is just a beauty and looks like he could be Jessy's dad or brother! What a great place to adventure at...where are you from?
  6. [MENTION=475]davidjk[/MENTION] I love, love, love the last photo with their 3 buts and alerted curly tails!
  7. Me and Austinville at Iowa camp (I'm the one with the sunglasses) Me and the boys on the way down to Iowa...taking a break... Jack on Jeff's lap...one of his favorite spots... Jessy girl resting her head on Jeff's shoulder...
  8. This last bunch of photos are just great. There's a few I really love, and am so jealous I don't have a group of huskies to play with close by.....September won't come fast enough!!!
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