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  1. Jessica thank you for your advice. I have already changed the water but as you say I think it may take a while to work but I am going to give it a good try ..... Thanks again for your help
  2. Hi well they told me they had checked for crystals and possible stones in his bladder but again they told me everything was ok and normal ..... but I will try changing the water if it helps him ............ They told me they had checked his prostate by feel and also scan and x-ray and it was normal ...... But changing his drinking water may be worth a try
  3. Hi I have two Huskies and both are nine years old . The male dog has after all these years started peeing in the house again when I take him out ( they are both walked 3 miles a day. ) for a walk he is stopping to pee every 15 to 28 seconds and after about maybe six pees he is still stopping to pee but nothing is coming out and he stands in the peeing position for about thirty to forty five seconds even though he is not doing anything. I have had him to two different vets he has had every test under the sun from blood tests x-rays scans you name it he has had it and they say they can't find anything wrong with him but they can start blood tests again if I wanted I have already spent the best part of £800 with no fault found. He also has me up during the night wanting out between six to nine times a night to pee. He is a very happy dog eats and drinks as he should and loves to play with my other husky and other dogs. One of the vets said it may be an idea to have him castrated but when I spoke to the other vet in the same surgery she said she didn't think that would help. So can anyone one tell me have the had anything like this happen with their dogs and if so did they get it fixed out.
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