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  1. Haha good job... I've not done Keiras yet...
  2. Zani

    Energy Levels

    Hi Scott, like you said her structural limitations are present in her younger photo. This doesn't explain why she was so manic (typical husky) for 2 or so years after this photo and then changed temperament. Which was a gradual thing as I didn't notice it at first. - As previously explained, her exercise was limited to 5 minutes per month of age upto 18months - On a separate note, I used one run as an example and stated it was in fact a one off. So please don't tell me how i exercised my dog as you don't have any facts to base that decision on. Thanks
  3. Zani

    Energy Levels

    Ok so I found a pic of Keira @ 5 months old, her back line has not changed since she was a pup. I put her fatigue down to the following: - Neutered female, weighing 50% more body mass (muscle not fat) ... carrying extra weight increasing body temperature must faster then normal + needing more energy to move such weight. Even when I carry plenty of water she is the same, it's not dehydration - she has a sudden mad moment each time she goes for a swim. - Being 4.5 years old and not a trained sled dog - has calmed down... she gets to run twice a day she knows she can do so.. and so isn't looking to bolt at any given chance.
  4. Zani

    Energy Levels

    You're right Clare. To put it simply.... Dogs are like people... they come in all shapes and sizes. Sure she may not be built to be a working sibe but that's not what she is intended for.... she's my fur baby, and if she wants to have a stroll around instead of running across the country... that's what she will do
  5. Zani

    Energy Levels

    I've looked online and can she a very slight difference in the angle of her back to photos of "breed standard". I'm going to look through older photos of her to see if she has developed this over time.
  6. Zani

    Energy Levels

    Thanks for all the info... To answer a few questions: -Her diet hasn't changed since she was 6 months (only quantity ). She is on raw. - She's on 180grams of meat plus veg twice a day plus bones and some treats. -I don't think she is over weight just a stocky girl. - vet always says she is in great shape/health -She does not do any harness work. Her exercise has been 5 minutes per month of ages up to the age of 18months. -We have always gone at her pace... the faster she goes the faster i cycle. She has effectively conditioned herself. I'm not worried about it. She always looks happy, so im happy.
  7. Zani

    Energy Levels

    Hi huskymom09 perhaps i wasn't clear when describing the run... She had several stops along the route where she had a swim, cool off and settle. I didn't actually make her run for 7 straight hours but just the fact we were out for 7 hours. I was merely describing her enthusiasm. Also she was not pulling anything or carried any load. I used it as a comparison, and it was not a frequent event, in fact it was a one off. -She is very well looked after. What do you see that is structurally wrong? I put it down to weighing 36kg... as when she was very active she weighed 23kg with an athletic physique. (50% weight gain)
  8. Zani

    Energy Levels

    She has been on raw since she was about 5 months old and the rotation of meats hasn't changed, her behaviour has been this was for over 2 years even throughout winter periods. During summer she tires much quicker which is completely understandable.
  9. Zani

    Energy Levels

    I forgot to add she is a chunky sibe.. weighing 36kg (not fat but muscular) Jmscott i waited till she was 18 months old till we hit the long runs... as the info i acted on was to exercise them for 5 minutes per month of ages till 14 to 16 months. I seriously doubt it's discomfort as she shows no signs when i play with her... she still wants to play tug and mess around when we get home. She has had regular vet check ups... and vet said xray was not necessary. Thanks for the feedback
  10. Hi, i haven't read all the posts so forgive me for not reading up. I'm sorry to bring this up and i so hope this is not the case but it's worth mentioning... Is he being mistreated or any forms of cruelty acted upon him while you're absent? I have seen it many times where some one has put a secret camera in the house to find their partner/family member/flat mate abusing their dog...
  11. Hello peeps, just a question to see if any one else may be in the same situation as myself. When my Keira was in her younger years between 1 and 2... she was a manic hyperactive dog. .. standard husky. - She would run and run... on one weekend i took her on a 7 hour bike ride and she was non stop. Now.... she is 4.5 years old... so by no means an old dog but she does not have the energy any more. She gets shattered after 45 min to an hour when out alongside the bike. Even when i went running with her on Sunday. .. i had to slow down on the return route as she was too tired to keep up. Im not complaining as obviously she needs less exercise to tire. But has any one else's dog become less active by a substantial amount? Edit: She weighs 36kg
  12. Malamutes dont have blue eyes. So i would say long coat husky.
  13. My opinion. .. put an open muzzle on her (the one where she can drink and maybe eat some what).. go for a usual dinner time routine. This time push her away and don't back down... let her growl all she wants... if she puts up a fuss tell her off while keeping a strong foundation so she knows you are the dominant one. Once she has calmed down give her a treat. I had a real fight with keira when she was 6 months old.. now i can take a bone right out from her mouth without any drama. Having said that, it's not for every one and people will say you will make the situation worse. - You could try approaching with treats... so as she turns to guard/growl she will smell a tasty meal. Work towards creeping in and putting treats in her bowl and go from there. You know your dog better then any one so I'm sure you will choose the right method and get through it.
  14. Keira used to weigh 23kg before she was neutered, her record was 7 hours of running next to me as i cycled, and we only went home because i felt like i was going to pass out haha. She was super fit. Now she is 4.5 years old (neutered at just over a year) she is 36kg... (she is a chunk of muscle, pic below) and she slows right down after the first half hour. I would not worry over nothing, as long as she is in good health (cant feel spine/hip bones), her weight doesn't matter. There are small huskys as well as the odd chunky ones.
  15. Zani


    Generally it should be every 6 months. But nature doesn't like to be predicable
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