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  1. well done,congrats and good luck x
  2. i was pleasantly surprised this year ours was £3 a month cheaper,lol its gone up every other year
  3. oh i must be posh then,lol i certainly dont talk like that
  4. you need to give her the pain relief for the days subscribed hun she will be sore and dis-orientated still from surgery i would imagine,it can take them a while to get back to normal after a G/A let her rest and sleep it will aid her recovery
  5. hello Kyle and welcome
  6. yes hunni re her season,its perfectly normal,she is keeping herself clean and cleaning up after herself too
  7. so he's a jealous lil bugger then by the sounds of it. i would definitely get him neutered for health benefits alone is your female neutered? could she be coming into season if not and being a bit tetchy with it,hence the fighting?
  8. Hope Mia continues to improve It can be so hard finding the right balance when they have poorly tums do look up raw feeding just so you know the right foods to give and quantities too so Mia doesn't lack any essential vitamins/nutrients (my apologies if you already know all that) i hope she continues to get better oh and just incase you wanted to walk her we use to walk our bitches in season but did it at earlier or later times so as to avoid peak dog walking times and never had a problem
  9. Tan J P


    Yep! BlazeyBoy loved my new boots lmao
  10. Is she neutered? wondering if its due to a season on the change of temperament side of things maybe glad the sickness has stopped and she has picked up a bit
  11. Tan J P


    The re-fills for the fresh cig are £8-99 and you get 5 each one equates they say to about 300 puffs i did order a re-fill a month so total spend under £2-50 a week as oppose to nearly £7-00 a day how fab's that????
  12. Tan J P


    sorry Emma,not your Mum,lol,you
  13. Tan J P


    the first time i walked past someone smoking,which was only 3 days after i'd stopped,the smell made me bawk,lol Emma,i know i couldn't have done it without my e-cig,i would definitely tell your Mum to try them i order online from a company called Freshcig....delivery is quick,about 2 days and you get a 10% discount thereafter i suppose they help because you still feel like you are actually smoking,but i started off with the high nicotine and down to the low now and only use it as and when not every day
  14. aww bless him what a fab vid
  15. Tan J P


    Thank You after 25 yrs of smoking i'm surprised how easy i've found it
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