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  1. Oh god has Zara been dog-napped too:eek: mind you i have heard there is a lot of it going on lately,i will keep a look out for any 'for sale' ads:lolman:
  2. Tan J P


    [ATTACH]11511[/ATTACH] me and hubby in Whitby [ATTACH]11512[/ATTACH] keith with the 'kids' [ATTACH]11513[/ATTACH] me having a cuddle [ATTACH]11514[/ATTACH] just me!!
  3. I DONT like monkeys.......lol
  4. Will a group do?? Keeping on summer theme lets see a pic of husky in paddling pool
  5. shad's 1st xmas...aww lets see your husky biting its nails!!
  6. Can any1 tell me if its normal for a puppy to eat her food so greedily? Shadow is 9wks old and fed 4 times a day and every feed is gone in few seconds flat. am thinking its maybe normal from eating with all her siblings and fighting to get the food and she just hasn't realised yet that there is nobody else going to try and eat it too. any ideas or suggestions plz thanks Tan
  7. Tan J P

    Tan J P

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