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  1. My boys often lay in the same positions.. Whether one copies the other or it's just they find their comfy places.. No idea!
  2. Keiko being king of the couch! Breeze lurking upstairs!
  3. Yep although Keiko (the one on the couch) wants to get on the floor... Even tho there's plenty of space he won't jump down if Breeze is in the way lol! He's sitting there whining for me to move him now! Silly dog!
  4. Relaxing after their morning walk!
  5. Just got in from lovely walks in the sun! Breeze is chilled out And so is Keiko!
  6. You would be correct!
  7. Here's my mug! From a photoshoot a year or so ago. And with one of my closest friends.
  8. Keiko (3yrs) - 34kg Breeze (2yrs) - 25kg
  9. This is me with my godson And ready for a wedding this past weekend
  10. Choosing your first dog what happened - we had moved into a suitable house with a lot of land, and i mentioned to a colleague we were thinking of a husky, a friend of his happened to be a breeder and within an hour the puppies came to visit me at work! what did you do - there were only 3 pups left as one had died after being stung by a wasp. we knew we wanted a dog and Keiko was the only dog left in the litter. what would you advise now more experienced - well we've recently just got our 2nd husky, Breeze, and it was nice not having to ask loads of questions, we felt prepared and it was suddenly easier to bring a puppy home having already been through it a year before. First visit to the vets what happened - well our vets host what they call "puppy parties" so our first visit was to one of those. you basically let all the puppies play together, have a few drinks and chat to the nurses about any concerns you have. its a really good way of getting them used to the vets surgery without all the stress of the injections etc, so they associate the location with fun! its worked for our 2 and i really recommend it to people. the best part is my vets offer it for free! First walk what happened - lots of sniffing and tangling up in the lead lol! and plenty of people stopping to ooooo and awwwww over the pups! what did you do - well Breeze has his first walk last week, we took Keiko on his normal extendable lead, and breeze went on his short leather one just to get him used to the walk before putting him on one where he can run after Keiko. Im actually going to buy a second extentable lead today, so they'll both be out causing havoc lol will write more later - getting a bit busy at work now so best stop typing lol! xx
  11. sarahp87


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