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  1. Merry Christmas! Thank you 😊 x Thank you! Two of them were happy but one was abit of a Scrooge today 😂 x
  2. Merry Christmas everyone from Niko, Chance & Bentley! These three have been spoilt yet again!! Xxx
  3. Wow what an amazing view! So Sorry for your loss xx
  4. Amazing photos she is so beautiful x
  5. She looks pure bred to me but im not an expert either!
  6. What a lovely video they all look so happy xx
  7. Niko's Harness Chance's Harness Bentley's Harness
  8. Yeh weve had this before from people too
  9. So sorry for your loss, she was so beautiful xx
  10. So sorry for you at least she isn't in pain anymore poor girl, sounds like you did everything you could of for her she was obviously loved so much xxxx
  11. When i was little my mum had a mixed terrier breed dog called Laddie Weve had Bear - German Shepherd x Golden Retriever he sadly passed away last year Weve got 2 Siberian Husky's - Niko & Chance Airedale Terrier - Bentley
  12. Sherrie_x


  13. Haha i always get on his nerves i can see it everytime i see him like Nikooo and hes like noooo leave meee lol Chance normally just runs off bless him
  14. Both our boys were attacked last year by a huge dog possibly a staff mix as it was the biggest one i have ever seen! luckily they both defended themselves and when the owner FINALLY came and had to pull her dog away (didnt even have a lead for it!) no one was seriously hurt. But yes they completely changed into defence mode and protected themselves.
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