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  1. he told me when i get the papers i would have to pay an extra 15 euro to get the pup transferred to my name which i knew and didnt care, thats why everything seemed so genuine and i totally trusted him, even if i dont get the papers, im still going to chase this creep and report all his ads that he puts up as he charges 700 euros for the pups and not even providing the papers so at least it might help someone else
  2. He told us that the papers have to be sent from him first to get the registered show name for niko and then we will get them in two weeks, he seemed so genuine and we visited his house 5 times until niko was old enough to take home, but tonight he just turned so nasty and was quite scary on the phone, thanks for that advice, i will ring them first thing in the morning
  3. Im actually so angry here tonight, i have just rang my breeder for the seventh time still trying to get the papers for niko who is 7 months old now, but he was so rude to me on the phone and keeps saying you will have your papers in two weeks, and when i told him he has been saying that for ages now, he got so agressive and told me if he decides to send me the papers, he is going to mark them so i cant breed niko because im annoying him so much! like wtf! i now feel i have been scammed, he still has ads up selling huskies and stating they are kc registered as both parents are too, im so upset about this as i checked out so many breeders before i settled on him, has anyone any advice on my next move here?
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