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  1. innocenti


    Thank you for your best wishes, my family have many happy memories from the last 9 yrs Neo owned us ! I even discovered his ASBO Award from a 2010 meet up ...
  2. innocenti


    We sadly lost Neo this morning, his liver wasn't functioning properly for the last few weeks . we took him for x-rays and scans but alas he never recovered from the anaesthetic, we brought him home where he passed away in his sleep this morning ... Run free over the bridge Neo ... Love ya big lad ..
  3. Growing up we had ... A GSD... unfortunatly pts as a pup.. back end went ... Prince - black lab .. finally passed away at 21 yrs old . Zoe - Afghan hound .. mums pet ... Inga - Doberman ... my favourite .. walked the legs off that dog ... Neo - Siberian Husky.. my own first dog .
  4. got to be a no from me ... a farmer not too far from me shoots dogs ...not worth the risk .... 100ft garden ..6ft fence.. plenty of space to run around if NEO chooses to ... 50ft leash for walks ..
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