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  1. innocenti


    Thank you for your best wishes, my family have many happy memories from the last 9 yrs Neo owned us ! I even discovered his ASBO Award from a 2010 meet up ...
  2. innocenti


    We sadly lost Neo this morning, his liver wasn't functioning properly for the last few weeks . we took him for x-rays and scans but alas he never recovered from the anaesthetic, we brought him home where he passed away in his sleep this morning ... Run free over the bridge Neo ... Love ya big lad ..
  3. run free over the bridge Diesel.... RIP.
  4. That was my reaction too ... Wtf .. Closing down .. Then saw its for upgrades... Good luck Marc .. Sent from my A1-810 using Tapatalk
  5. welcome to the pack , No question is ever too silly or stupid to ask, we have all been newbies with this breed at some point or other ,,, as you gather they are like no other breed .. loving whilst stubborn at the same time ... have fun ... Mackenzie is cute too ..
  6. Neo will talk when he wants out or wants fed .. especially if i ignore him when asking for food .... strangely never bothers the wife for food but as soon as i get up .... i work nights ... he talks away to me ...
  7. How the fudge can the courts let someone off with a crime like this ... beggars belief ... guess you`ll have fun with the airport scanners now tho ...
  8. cheers folks .. not been around for a while .. on going health issue ,.,,, diverticulitis disease ... nowt serious or anything...
  9. You will love Florida.. warm , friendly, and sooooo much to do and see.... enjoy ... wish i was going back too..
  10. speedy recovery Lee... hope theses scumbags get there just desserts ..
  11. not been around for a while .. sincere condolences Andy and Kells .... run free over the bridge Daughtry..
  12. Sad to hear you've lost Bings Nix.. Always sad when you lose one of the family... Memories last a life time.. Rip Bings run free over the bridge where all you husky pals await you ...
  13. patience and reinforcement.. a firm NO when she nibbles your fingers / ankles . lots of praise while potty training ... use the same word / phrase ... go for a wee ... or whatever you want to use .... she`s a baby so accidents will happen ...
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