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  1. Iron Will..... is another good movie
  2. first dog, German Shepherd, name Bosen (what a great & powerful dog !!!) second dog, Old English Sheepdog, name Dorothy third dog, Shepherd Husky Mix, name Max forth dog, Siberian Husky, name Juno
  3. I never trust mine off lead, for safety most of all, this just happened just a few weeks ago to a family about an hour from my house..... PARMA, Ohio A Parma family is mourning a death instead of celebrating a birthday after a senseless crime committed against the family dog. "Diesel's birthday is today, he was to be one," cries Kimberly Coe. "He was very outgoing. He loved his family, and he loved to be outdoors." According to the Kaiser family, Diesel, an 11-month-old Huskie, went missing early Saturday morning after discovering a deer in the backyard. "I was like
  4. Was looking for info on husky forums and training ideas and found this site. Lots of great info
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