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  1. I found you on another husky forum! (edited by admin) it went by another name at that time, but all the same people are still there!
  2. I am wondering how you all came up with the names you chose for your sibes: Olympia was named for MT Olympus from the movie Clash of the Titans {the first movie I saw with Hubby when we were dating} Hailey was supposed to be after Haley's comet, but that AKC name was already taken so she became Hailey the blaze N blue eyed devil Very fitting by the way lol... Mariya was named for the song from paint your wagon {a Clint Eastwood flick} The song "They Call the Wind Maria" {Pronounced Mariah in the song.} She howls when she hears the song lmao Jonah was
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