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    Hunters Land Rover
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    i love walking especially in the Lake District... i am also a Fire-eater/breather, and also do the Bed of Nails etc...
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    Re-enactment... American West/civil war/ww2 etc.. love walkig/camping.. Country Music/Bluegrass/rock
  1. hmmm ''Learning the ropes'' and puppy... need another tag.....

  2. hope to make camp this year, been busy and out of everything for a while, though still lurking in the shadows lol...

    1. Marc


      Get it booked LOL

    2. Dunc


      Be good if you can Mark :)

    3. goingsolo


      Not sure yet whetger we going. Depends on work and funds as doing round up .

  3. I/We are trying to Compile a Husky Pup Weight Gain Chart... for personal interest. What is classed as average and whats classed as under/over-weight? Our New Addition weighed 1040grams at 12 Days and 1100grams at 16 Days.... He and his sister are the smallest in the Litter.... a Litter of 7, the heaviest being 1306 grams at 16 Days.... the others in the region of 1215grams ... ( i think these are about right) Any information would be fantastic, thankyou..
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