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    Hunters Land Rover
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    i love walking especially in the Lake District... i am also a Fire-eater/breather, and also do the Bed of Nails etc...
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    Re-enactment... American West/civil war/ww2 etc.. love walkig/camping.. Country Music/Bluegrass/rock

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  1. Anyone on here localish to Preston do Husky Boarding/week stays? Got holiday booked for May this year,found kennels at cost of £150.00. but would prefer if possible someone in the Husky world, I'd pay £150.00 and supply food. Mon 4th May -Mon 11th May.
  2. hmmm ''Learning the ropes'' and puppy... need another tag.....

  3. been out on the fringes for a while, lost touch with whats going on, so im gonna try my best this year to get to camp... here's hoping....
  4. hope to make camp this year, been busy and out of everything for a while, though still lurking in the shadows lol...

    1. Marc


      Get it booked LOL

    2. Dunc


      Be good if you can Mark :)

    3. goingsolo


      Not sure yet whetger we going. Depends on work and funds as doing round up .

  5. Have a great weekend guys, cant make it this time with Car Failing M.O.T and then having to fork money out unplanned for another Car... but hey... have fun and don't be getting into mischief.... lol yeah right!!
  6. i researched the breed for a long time and came to the conclusion i had to go KC, a good breeder as all information i read would give me a dog that would have less health issues in various forms in its life , thats why i went for a KC registered pup, but with my second pup i went to see the ''breeder'' and was introduced over 2/3 days to both parents, both KC Registered but was informed they were not having the litter registered, seemed strange to me at the time but hey, i loved my little one... SO KC registered doesnt always have to mean a ''better'' dog... ive met many none KC registered dogs since and many dont have health issues.. ( can of worms to some people) its your choice, registered or not, Rescue or not... as long as you love them ....
  7. still not booked, just hope theres still room when i book, got to sort work out before i can say deffo,.... question: if i come do i bring my ''stuff'' to camp or not? people have seen before so may not be of interest,,,
  8. is he still a website techy geek? lol may be useful to our Bossman if he is...
  9. hiya Tina, you joined at last... yay... now all we have to do is get you to a camp say hi to Me owd mate Bob....
  10. looks a nice van, like the decking area... dont think the owner has a clue about Husky's lol
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