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  1. yes you do need to be careful if your walking on a narrow pavement with a belt on etc. the other day i was walking down hill (hard work in itself) and out behind the hedge came a HUGE akita...lol i dont know who was more shocked! If i was literally 5m forward the dogs would have met face to face and that could have been nasty
  2. Cos so many of the straps lift up too near the dogs eyes, too many owners yank the lead which results in yanking the dogs head/neck (risking injury), most dogs do their best to paw the thing off its face and not actually enjoying the walk, the dogs are expected 'just to walk' not able to have freedom to sniff etc which is all stimulating for the dog, they are a tool to hide poor or no training. I just seriously hate them (but thats my opinion). Mine pull me HARD and i mean HARD but thats why i got a huskys (on a belt). if i stopped them from pulling i feel like they would loose their 'mojo
  3. some informative information (god i hate the head/halti collars so much), the only point i would like to make is regarding the walking belt - you say you feel it gives you less control...teach yr dog 'on by' effectively and your dog will learn to pass people, dogs and anything else with ease and will just go on by.
  4. My boys need a sled dog team name...any ideas? We are considering 'thunder storm raiders sled dog team' but can anyone think of anything else??
  5. totally agree its worth doing for other people.
  6. i think it might be worth contacting a trustworthy breeder to find out exactly, but i think the pup does need to be reg'd first. but as im not a breeder im not 100% sure. my pups transfer paperwork defo had the breeders name on it so i am guessing she reg'd first. i had to pay about £20 to transfer over. perhaps contact SHCGB for advice and also find out if the breeder is well known.
  7. sounds as though you have been done over on this one when i got my pup the breeder gave me a form to transfer ownership, this is a KC form and was all done and dusted within 1 week. there is no reason why this shouldnt have been done immediatly when you got the puppy. yeah i'd say contact trading standards and if you really want to pursue i guess a small claims court but if you dont want the papers for breeding or entering into races, showing etc then it may be more stress for you than its worth.
  8. yep my breeder is defo in regular contact and i 'tag' pic on facebook too. it nice seeing the other pups in the litter growing up and develop personalities too!
  9. We considered getting a pup but felt we needed to know itwas defo the right decision for us & our lifestyle. We fostered through shwa & have learnt loads. Really glad we did this before we got a pup & made all the mistakes many people make. We are now ready for our own, but with so many in welfare I can't bring myself to hand over that £. For our first it will defo be a welfare dog....who knows our 2nd may be a pup once we have sound contacts through rallies etc for the first time ever I'm so looking forward to the winter being with the dogs.
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