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    yeah you are right as long as our pups are healthy and happy that’s all that matters
  2. Juliaxyz


    she’s double coated
  3. Juliaxyz


    I think Arya’s coat is too short. What do you think? IMG_3324.MOV
  4. My baby is growing so fast 🥺
  5. thanks that gives me hope ☺️
  6. oh yes too quickly
  7. Hi Arya is 22 weeks old today! She’s still having a problem with her ears. There was a week when her ears were like last pictures and now her right ear flopped again weirdly. She’s behaving much better although 😂
  8. Yes I know that can cause damage. Thanks a lot!
  9. Hi ☺️ so here’s a video of my lovely girl Arya and as you can see her ears are up and at the end one ear flops to the side. I’m a bit worried why it’s happening. She’s 20 weeks and theething. Any ideas on why her ear is floppy like that? Is there a chance she’ll have errect ears? IMG_3002.MOV
  10. Thanks. What DNA test did you use?
  11. Hi I’m wondering if my girl is purebred. I’ve seen both parents and they definitely were huskies. It’s weird to my that one of her ears tend to flop to the side sometimes and sometimes both are very close together. What do you think? She’s 4,5 months old now btw the first picture is the most recent from few days ago.
  12. Hi I’m Julia and this is my 4 months old husky Arya. I don’t know if she’s purebred husky or maybe a husky mix because I got her from my boyfriend. Althought I’ve seen both of her parents and they looked like a purebreds. She’s very energetic and we love her so so much.
  13. yes she’s putebred just not sure if she was wellbred
  14. Juliaxyz

    Floppy ears

    Hi I have 4 month old husky and her ears stood still but few weeks later they flopped I don’t know if its normal here are the pictures https://share.icloud.com/photos/012WDSjVw_I5piS5zHyEZWM1A https://share.icloud.com/photos/0dc6RmaAgcrEL500Ju8bGHNSw
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