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  1. Our Husky is going to turn ONE next month, and all in all he has been in training since he was 7 months. He has improved a lot but there is just one thing that we can't get a handle on. He has a tendency while we are walking him to jump on us and bite on us. A couple time it has happened mid walk, and other times it happens when he is sniffing a dog that he's walking next too and they can't play with each other so he starts jumping and biting on me. Usually 9/10 it happens when we are in the middle of walking, and he bites down its not a nibble anymore and begins to jump on us. It seems like it can go on forever, but once you start walking while he's jumping on you (which is so hard) he stops or I just let him jump and bite until he's done ( which I don't think is a good idea) but it becomes very overwhelming. He also tends to jump and bite on us while we are playing with him, he starts to play with us normally, like get the ball or tug of war then all of a sudden he proceeds to start jumping at our legs and biting our arms. I wrote this post for any tips you guys have? or situations like this have happened to other owners just to feel like I'm not alone in dealing with this. I used to love taking him on walks and now I'm just always nervous because I never knew when his biting and jumping may start. I also feel like me not taking him on walks as often might make the situation worse?
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