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  1. May I advise you to stop walking around the pond :D, but if we're serious, well, there are plenty of ointments and they're all good and you could administer them to yourself and your dog.
  2. As a parent I never leave my children alone at home, I just find it pointless and respectless. There is no question or doubt about why I shouldn't take my son or my daughter with me on the holiday, I believe is very good to enjoy with your whole family as long as you have them by your side. We were chilling here onholidays.com.au I wanna say how good it felt after 2 years to go with your family and take a rest after all this bad time during Corona Virus. My kids for 2 years didn't go anywhere because of Corona Virus, and now to not take them with me is just nonsense.
  3. This is a hard step to do, but trust me, when I was in this situation, I looked forward to a new future when I decided to move. I cleared up my feelings and had no regrets. https://sekamoving.com/moving/fine-art-movers/, I called these guys to help me move my stuff, and everything arrived in place. If I didn't have their help, I'd probably have called some random company that would bring my stuff damaged, and I think most of them would've been gone. Don't worry about moving. It's an essential step in everyone's life. Just make sure to call the right moving company.
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