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  1. He is of the age where he will start to destroy things if he is left alone - a bored husky is something to be feared - one of my boys ate the arm of my sofa and armchair because he was left alone overnight (we were asleep upstairs). Try to keep him mentally stimulated - play mental games with him - it will tire him out more than exercise if he has to use his brain. I started out with a treat under a paper cup with two empty paper cups - then switching the cups around and he had to work out which one the treat was under. How old was he when you got him? Usually if a pup is taken from the mum too early they can develop biting habits to try and get what they want. Usually the mum and his siblings teach a pup that this is not acceptable behaviour. Do you have dog behaviourists or even a dog trainer who may be able to help? It sounds as if he may need a dog trainer - to teach you both.
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    hiya @robke - its wolfpup - my computer died around 4 days ago and wont be back for a week or so (if ever) - can you send me my log in details please - not allowed to send emails/messages yet - have registered under hubby's email address - as I cannot access my emails (only my computer knows the passwords) - thanks Chrissie
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