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  1. What do you do for her with arthritis?
  2. Thanks. He had x-rays and they are still not sure. He is restricted to zero exercise for a week which is difficult for him. He is the most amazing dog I’ve ever had.
  3. Hello, I have an incredible Siberian Husky named Luca. He is the fittest dog I've seen and walks with me at least a hour a day. He jumps in and out of my truck daily. Last Tuesday morning he got up as usual. When he came back into the house he was limping badly. He was in obvious pain. I waited a day and took him to the vet. She gave him a pain med- anti inflammatory drug and said if it didn't get better to bring him back for X Rays. He has gotten a little better but still is limping. It's his rear hip that she says is the issue. Any thoughts? Thanks, Dave
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