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  1. @wolfpup OH! okay! thank you! That's such good advice. H is going to pick up some chicken on his way from home from work, so I'll tell him to pick up lentils too. (we're trying to make it so that HE is the one who gives all the delicious foods so she associates him with that.) I'll throw out the science diet. Will keep you updated!
  2. Thank you so much @robke @wolfpup! I let her have an afternoon with him the other day (he didn't interact with her, they were just in the apartment together) and then I came and joined them at night. That seems to have helped. She hasn't completely warmed up to him yet, but she doesn't seem to be as scared of him. We've been taking walks together and she seems much more comfortable with him holding the lead... I've been doing this thing where I start the walk with them and then slowly hang back farther and farther so that they can have some time together, but she can still see me if she needs to. That seems to be helping, b/c she's been looking up at him for direction or reassurance when she is surprised by something on the walk... she's been looking back for me less and less, which I'm taking as a really promising sign. (She still doesn't want him to put the harness and lead on for her yet, but she doesn't cower from him anymore.) AND she even ate a bunch of chicken out of his hand today after the walk!! 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉 (like right out of his hand, didn't dart away, stood calmly in front of him eating chicken for like 5 minutes!!! I feel like that's a huge step... maybe I'm blowing that out of proportion?) @wolfpup, oh man, I may be inundating you with diet questions in the future. I've never had a dog that wasn't food motivated nor have I had a dog that didn't eat kibble... so this is new territory. I think you're right, and I think we're going to have to do a raw food diet for her. I'm going to try the egg on top of kibble tomorrow morning and see if she'll eat that. Her stool has been really runny the past couple poos (I'm sure a lot of that is b/c she was on medication from the spay surgery and b/c of the anxiety), so that worries me a little... and I was thinking the kibble would help firm up her poos a little (the shelter we got her from was giving her science diet kibble so we have a bag of that, but we also have a bunch of other no grain kibble samples we got from a local pet shop.) Regardless I think the bf and I are going to take a trip to the grocery store and get some minced meats tomorrow. Seriously, thank you both so much. I've been so worried b/c she's been so scared. I've taken care of a bunch of other breeds of dogs, but this is my first husky (H's first shelter husky... he took care of a friend's german shepherd husky mix for six months), so it's amazing that I can ask veterans what to do. I've done a bunch of research, but I find that a lot of times, the stuff I'm finding online is way too general or just not exactly what I need to know... so your replies/help is incredibly helpful. Y'all are Husky ANGELS!... or something... y'know... less corny. 😅
  3. Hi, Just rescued a lovely Siberian husky from a shelter she's a little skittish, but is super sweet... To me (I'm a woman). But she's super scared of my boyfriend. H (the boyfriend) is the one who saw and picked her out. The shelter said she was picked up as a stray, but she looks to be full Siberian husky. They don't know how long she was a stray. She seems to be in great health barring a little fur missing at the very tips of her ears. ( Shelter said that was common in strays though. Nothing serious... Some sort of fly bites I think they said). I picked her up right after the shelter spayed her bc H had to work. It's been 4 days now and I work from home, so I've been able to stay w/ her the entire time, which has helped her get comfortable as she heals up. (She was a little unsure of the home and me at first too). H hasn't been able to spend much time with her, as he has had to work the last 4 days. And now she won't do anything w/o me. She growls at H and even tried to nip at him once. And she also won't eat her kibble. She'll gobble up hotdogs, and some salmon dog treats, but that's about it. How do I get her to open up to H? And start eating? Any help would really be appreciated. H is so sad that the dog he loves is so scared of him. 😭
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