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  1. I thought agouti & wolf grey were the same
  2. I'm not interested in mating my two huskies for colors and selling but in curiosity I am wondering if my red and white male and agouti colored female had puppies what mixture of colors would come out of them? They both have blue eyes but I don't know anything about the parents, as the both of them were rescued/adopted.
  3. We adopted our 6 month old red husky. He's very friendly and cuddly. Loves affection. But when we got him you could tell that he had no training and no "discipline" he has no problem going to the bathroom outside but he doesn't "alert" us when he has to use the bathroom. I take him out before I leave for work, I take him out throughout the day but when I go to sleep I wake up to piles on the floor. (Never when I come home) how do we teach him to let us know when he needs to go? We have 2 other "kids" letting us know and never make a mess. I would figure that he would follow their lead.
  4. My Lola Blue is a 2 yr old agouti husky. We rescued her about 3 months ago and she is one of our babies. Remi is 6 months and we adopted him 2 months ago. He is a fire red/white color. Both of my babies have beautiful blue eyes. They are completely opposite of each other. Lola is layed back and a big lap dog. Remi is playful. He gets her to play with him and and it's adorable because they start talking to each other.
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