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  1. Hi folks. We've had our puppy Storm for 1 week now. She is 13 weeks old now and quite the handful, but we love her and are trying to be good husky parents.
  2. Hi all. Merry Christmas! I was wondering what fencing, posts etc people use for their Huskies. I have read that 6 foot chain-link is recommended but I was wondering how common this actually is. Specifically: What sort of fencing, how high, any anti-dig precautions? Do you use posts, tethers or cables? Do you use GPS tracking? Can you recommend any products? Has your set-up been successful? Thanks!
  3. Hi folks. We recently adopted a 12 week old husky puppy, about 6 kilos. The shelter had been feeding her Wainwright's dry food https://www.petsathome.com/shop/en/pets/wainwrights-grain-free-puppy-food-with-turkey-and-vegetable-10kg and I am continuing with that for now. I'm a bit confused about how much to feed her. The bag says for a medium dog 200-500g per day which is a massive range. Elsewhere I've read 20g per kilo per day which is 120g per day. Can I just overfill her bowl and assume she will self-regulate or do I need to be limiting her calories? She is also getting lots of treats because she is a good girl! Thanks.
  4. We adopted a Husky pup (12 weeks old) three days ago and would like some advice with toilet training. She is very reluctant to poo outside. I've spent the last two days sitting with her outside but she seems to have amazing capability to hold it in. She has pooped outside a few times but despite my company she seems very reluctant. I wonder if its the smell of other animals in the garden makes her feel unsafe? There is a fox and a neighbouring dog that have probably left their marks there. When she pooped inside I carry her out but I don't want to shout at her in case she stops trusting me. Am I being too soft?
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