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  1. Thanks for your input… and moral support. We have below zero wind chill today and it’s a challenge to keep him warm! thanks,Larry
  2. Our 9 year old Pure White Husky, had an unusual shedding season. He did not shed at all over the very hot summer, we consulted our Vet and many other owners. The overwhelming opinion was that they can fluctuate and not to worry. We thought maybe he would just skip it altogether, we tried to keep him cool all summer ! Finally in November he started and now he is really blowing it out. The problem now of course is that it is getting really cold, normally not a problem for him. Primarily he stays outside, he has a warm house and additional shelter. We noticed he was actually shivering! We had to take action, bought a thick pad to sleep on and a jacket , yes a JACKET for a Husky! After a lot of brushing and a couple weeks later he is coming inside more often, the problem I see is that we don't know if or when he will return to a normal routine? Will this be the new normal? He is on prednisone for a neck issue, the Vet dose not think this is the problem... I'm not sure. Any tips, advice or suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks , Larry and Shelley Husky"Walker"
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