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  1. I started giving my 2 month old puppy Sportsmans pride limited ingredient formula. The Vet recommended it-
  2. He is 2 months old. Yes this is where he sleeps all the time, under the bed.
  3. Thank you so much for the info wolfpup! Can you recommend me some brands and products of the good quality kibble- freeze dried raw that i could feed my puppy? Thanks!
  4. Hello. My name is Diego and my new red husky just arrived 5 days ago and im pretty excited. Im new to these type of dog breed and is my first large breed dog. Ive alrewdy read bunch of articles and videos about how to take proper care of it and training. However Im a little concerned about Rocky most of the day spending it under furniture (beds, tables). Is this normal behavior as he is new to my home and environment? He comes out and plays, eats, and to go pee and poop but then he goes to his favorite spot under the bed. Is this normal behavior? Thanks to everyone and im happy to be in this community!
  5. Hello! My new puppy Rocky just arrived 4 days ago to my new home. He was getting fed a local dry kibble by the breeder. When I took Rocky to the vet, she told me that the brand of Kibble he was being fed by the breeder was of poor quality. She recommended me (I bought it from her) Sportsman pride limited ingredient formula. Guys is this a good kibble for husky puppies? There is another formula by sportsman price called chicken formula for puppies, I wondered why the vet recommended me the limited ingredient formula instead of the puppy formula. The limited ingredient says its also allowed for puppies. which one do you guys think is better for a puppy? So I´ve been feeding Rocky the formula for 4 days now, but he is having diarreah I believe. Is this normal considering he has to get used to the new kibble? I do have to mention that I didnt bought (because i couldnt find it anywhere) the kibble the breeder was feeding Rocky so I had to abruptly change it to the sportsmans pride one. Thanks guys! Ill really appreciate if you can help me with some suggestions on whats the best kibble for husky puppies.
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