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  1. Hi all my ex partner has been diagnosed with cancer and needs a good home for his dog. He is one year old ,male and his name is sid ,he does not want him to go to dogs trust as it would break his heart ,he is based in the UK near Worcestershire. Please e mail or txt me Maria 07973 876612 Cwpmaria@gmail.com
  2. Hi there Diane thsnk you for the reply yes he has had all vaccination done and good with dogs ,his name is sid I will get some pictures he is based in bromsgrove near Worcestershire x
  3. Hi there ,my ex husband has a husky boy ,1 year old ,he has just been diagnosed with cancer and will struggle to look after him ,he won't take him to dogs trust or a dogs home as he really cares for the dog The dog is free to a good, good home ,and would love updates on how he is x
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