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  1. .... but then she'll come back from 'school' still drying off from the kiddie pool. Go figure. She likes water just not falling from above.
  2. Oops! And Thank you most kindly.
  3. After I adopted my Mina, I was at wits' end with her destructive behavior and seemingly insurmountable activity requirements. The lovely woman at the rescue organization suggested bringing Mina to the dog park a few times a week. It drains her energy in a way nothing else seemed to.... until I started bringing her to what I have been calling "school". it is a daycare for dogs where they run around with other dogs all day or half days. No more destructive behavior PERIOD. But. No more zoomies (which we love) and much shorter play sessions. But she LOVES other dogs and obviously loves to be off leash. Socialization with other dogs (esp huskies - they recognize their own kind) has been an amazing solution for Mina. She loves going, she loves when I pick her up. Win Win.
  4. Greetings, all. I came across this group while searching for "raincoats for dogs with long necks" and "raincoats for huskies". I know I know. Huskies dont NEED raincoats, but my 3 yr old Mina (rescued & adopted four months ago) literally frowns and cowers when the rains are heavy. Since I do anything I can to prevent that frowning, I bought a silly raincoat for her. She prances around like a show pony whenever she has it on but she has a really long neck and pretty much her whole head sticks out. So here I am. This girl is my heart and happiness when I need it most.🥰
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