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  1. Hi, Thanks for the info!! Do you recommend a brand of freeze dried? Thanks
  2. I would like to start her on dry food to see if not having that is the problem. Also would like a Salmon based food. Was thinking acacia or orijen. Ive heard Natural balance LID salmon but then someone posted their food has changed. Foods I have heard good things about- need no chicken or eggs 1. acana - wild Atlantic although fish has no grains and isn't salmon 2. orijen- high protein and no grains so not sure this would be good? 3. Merrick -but what kid? their grain free has potato and sweet potato 4. natural balance Nulo- salmon and peas
  3. HI, My name is Caryn and Sam is my new Husky. She is somewhere around 1 year old. I saved her from the pound. Actually got her out earlier then she was supposed to be let out . These two jerks in the neighborhood next to me claim they found her and took her there immediately (less than. 10 hours after finding her) without looking for her owner(s). I followed and adopted her instantly. Unfortunately she had to stay because she had a microchip. However it had no info on it Not even that it belonged to a dog or cat, an address or name etc. Nada! Anyway, she is now safe with me and legally belongs to me. On another note we have had a very rough time with food. We are still on chicken and rice as the diarrhea and mushy stools has been up and down. I wanted to know what food you suggest? First I want and have to get her off chicken as I have read many places that is a NO for huskies. Second she needs minerals etc asap. Please let me know what kind of food you suggest. Was thinking Natural Balance LID with Salmon and not sure but sweet potato or brown rice? Or what combo? Thanks again and so glad this forum exists along with all of you Husky lovers. Best Caryn
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