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  1. Thanks! I’m sure I will have many questions along the way and glad to be a part of a community that is experienced 🙂 I thought I just hit the reply button….maybe or maybe not! U know how these “smart phones” are 🙄😂 I saw the guys post on Craigslist of his puppies for sale. He had 3 red and white ones, that I was suppose to pick from….all males. So, we decided to meet that weekend. The puppies were already weaned from their mom and eating puppy food. Well, the day before we were to meet, he texted me and said he had the 3 red ones and one black and white one. I was already interested, but was just dying to see the black and white one! The next morning, I went to pick my puppy and as it turned out, Kodiak picked me! I had him in my arms and one of the red and white ones. He growled at the other puppy and acted really jealous! It tickled me pink! I just knew he was the one for me 😊 If I can figure out how to post pics on here, I have some really cute ones to share!!
  2. Hi I’m Cindy. Just got a husky puppy and his name is Kodiak. He will be 6 weeks old tomorrow. I’m super excited to be a husky mom, as I love these dogs! He is so playful and already beginning to speak to us. Just wanted to say hi to everyone and join in with you guys for tips and advice. Hope everyone is well and looking forward to joining the husky pack 🙂
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