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  1. Thank you Marc, she left us too early not yet being 5. We still have her brother who is missing her, they were very close. We console ourselves in the knowledge we gave her 2 healthy years longer than was first thought she would ever have after diagnosis Love you Karen
  2. Hi all, is there anyone who could help me find a video posted about a year possibly 18 months ago. It was a lady whose husband raced and was offered a ride with a friends huskies to experience the thrill. She sat up front and filmed the experience being pulled by 6 dogs
  3. Thank you everyone for your kind words an thoughts. We still have three huskies but the house feels very empty at the moment. We've lost our dawn chorus as Safi was the instigator. Peppa is looking for her and keeps thinking she's in our bedroom where she spent her last hours on our bed before we had to take her to the vet to ease her suffering and help her on her way. I commend the vet for his kindness and understanding at such an ungodly hr. This was taken earlier this year and is how we'll remember her
  4. He's an absolute sweetie! Love him to bits.. Even his choccy snaps lol
  5. I'd not worry too much, you will eventually gain weight naturally as you get older. I'm heavier now than I was full term pregnant an returned to my pre preg weight every time of just between 7.5 an 8 st.. I'm 10.5 now!! Trying to shed a stone lol
  6. Ha ha.. Yes!! No livestock.. Non lurking by the fence out of sight at the bottom corner of the suppose'ed 'safe' field like moi!!!!!! As in safely enclosed.. Cept they'd gone an put flippin cows in while I wasn't there!!
  7. Aww really lovely to see the new vid Karen. They have such great fun with the freedom they have off lead lol. Xx
  8. Lol yep I hear you.. When Togo was a puppy we were asked constantly could people take a pic of him.. He's been photographed all over the show lol Now he's a big noisy twonk an scares em off. Couple of weeks ago I went into town on market day..big mistake lol. Between him an Safi we brought the place to a standstill. I kept moving to different places to sit an wait for him indoors at the barbers but every time I got them quiet someone would come over an ask could they pet them. If you give Togo attention he speaks back which sets Safi off an they had full blown howling going on. Some people were pulling their faces, others laughing. One woman wasn't sure if she believed me when I said he was chatting not growling but kept leaning into him so he kept woo woo wooing in her face causing her to back up suddenly lol On the plus side, least him indoors knew where to find us!
  9. Ha ha, the dreaded steps indeed.. Loki commando crawls across the bridge lol
  10. Povodny

    Cat Aggression

    Sounds quite territorial. You could try a water spray if he's running out an randomly attacking people's legs as they pass. Otherwise don't play with him with skin contact. Give him a wide berth. If he tail is thrashing it could be he's just a grumpy bugger. I used to torment our cat as a child an she would scratch an bite my hands to ribbons. You can train cats to understand no, out an down Lilu our youngest understands the word 'dreamies!' Lol
  11. She's reaching social maturity and this is her way of asserting herself over her play mate. She is letting them know she holds a higher status in her group. Perfectly normal, Safi humps her brother because she's higher in the pack than he is.
  12. I couldn't comment on that. Never ordered. Just visited their site and heard good things from other buyers on a rescue site
  13. Think it suits her much better Brian.. Love the harness
  14. I'm northern, I know what jumpin in't cut means lol. In fact, three generations ago my family were narrowboat folk
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