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    I own one husky at the moment, a male named Lucky. I know a good amount about huskies and I'm happy to provide training tips, nutrition advice, or just a friendly ear.
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    I love star gazing, classical music, and huskies. A regular gal wishing fall would come sooner.

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  1. SNC

    Floppy ears

    What beautiful and adorable pups! For ears to stand up it varies pup to pup but they should be standing around 5-6 months
  2. No. Just no. Do not teach your dog to do this. My current dog is a rescue. He was given toys that looked like small animals/made similar sounds. They wanted to train him to be a killer. He had so much anxiety and behavioral issues when I got him. They don't see the difference between small dogs and rabbits and whatever. It also can cause aggression and mess the dog up in the head. These poor cats...spay and neuter programs do help. The average cat litter size is 4 kittens. If there's 10 queens (female cats) that's 40 kittens. But I'm guessing there's more than 10 queens. Trea
  3. My husky walks really well on leash. After a lot of trial an error, I have a method to cure the madness Leash commands: Basic leash commands are essential, short leash: we aren't stopping, medium leash: you can sniff, but we aren't taking hours to read the pee mail, long leash: relaxed, sniff what you'd like When pulling, correct with a sharp clockwise turn. This brings your huskies attention towards you and what way you're going. In the beginning she will often bump into you, but as she starts to understand what you're asking, she won't bump into you, and then you say
  4. SNC


    Welcome! I myself am very new to this site (but have read topics om here in the past) Your pup is lovely, congrats!
  5. Hey there! I know this is from a long time ago, however I thought I'd post this just in case people are still curious. I believe this is a racerback/wheelback in huskies. It helps give them an extra boost of speed when gathering their feet under them and then shooting off. My husky has it aswell, and it does not cause him any pain, and he's very fast! I suggest reading this article, I learned a lot from @sutsibepost https://www.husky-owners.com/topic/42407-arched-back-should-i-be-concerned/
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