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  1. Geli


    Thank you so much 😊
  2. Geli


    Thank you everyone much husky love and respect.
  3. Geli


    I am a new owner to a now 5 month old Siberian husky😁
  4. Thank you so much for responding and the advice I really appreciate it. I am in this for the long run I know it’s going to take time and patients. I am a first time owner to a Siberian husky. She is amazing I don’t want to give up I really do enjoy having her.
  5. Thank you! I have also been told to use a bell on the door just wondering if that really would help?
  6. So I have a 5 month old Siberian husky who I’ve been having a little trouble potty training. To take her outside for a good period of time and she uses the restroom but there are other time should I use the restroom inside. What can I do so she stoped using it inside?
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