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  1. Hi Nix the vet said it could just be lingering hormones , she was fully checked a couple of weeks ago b thank you for all the replys
  2. Welcome
  3. Hello there she sometimes sits like that and sometimes with her rear legs under her , i have had her checked out vet says she's fine but iam still cocerned , just trying to find out if anyone else has come across this ?
  4. Hello there , i have a 12 months old female Husky , she came into her first season a couple of months ago , so she went off her food , became a bit clingy , and quite lethargic , all known symptoms of a first period , the thing is shes still the same now even though she stopped her period 1 month ago , she,s eating ok but not as much as she was , but she dosn,t have any energy , we walk for an hour in the morning ,but she cant run for more than 5 mins before wanting to lie down , has anyone else had this problem




    taken today
  7. Hi there try a bland diet for a while maybe white rice and boiled chicken , if it goes on longer than a few days i would contact the vet , Huskys are known to be fussy eater , mine is the same would eat anything until 10 months now its just a guessing game ,
  8. Hi Wolfpup , she has been tried on most things she eats raw chicken wings , dried dog food tinned dog food , sweet potatoes , tinned tuna in water , but things she ate yesterday she wont eat today , its odd some days she has gone with just one chicken wing in a day , she gets two meals a day, and maybe a treat or two , the vet says there's nothing wrong with her and the lethargic nature maybe a continuation of her fist season , ive been told there is a thing called lazy Huskys , have you heard of this ?
  9. Hi there my dogs name is Misha , shes 11 months old , ive been training her for 6 months to stay away from other dogs and not to jump up at people , iam maybe successful 60 percent of the time , she is told on every walk to do this , but i feel iam loosing the battle , i noticed shes changed quite a bit when she came into season , but that was 2 months ago , she's doesn't seem to have much energy and her eating habits can change daily , any advice would be welcome
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